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  4. Thursday, 21 November 2019
The Reference manual notes the USB & "legacy" MIDI ports can't be used at the same time. (Utility /F6-MIDI/ SF4-Other).
But I'm wondering if there may be a work-around for using the 5-pin MIDI port to ONLY send Out a Clock to legacy MIDI devices, while still being able to send other MIDI data (notes) to my PC/DAW/VSTs via USB?
I need to keep the MoXf as my Master clock to sync other hardware in time with the MoXf's great arps and sequencer.
Could this be a potential for a future software upgrade?
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Bad Mister
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When using the MOXF connected to a computer via USB (MIDI I/O = USB) the 5-pin MIDI IN/OUT jacks can be used as MIDI Port 3.
Any MIDI messages routed from your computer DAW software (like Cubase) on “Yamaha MOXF6/MOXF8-3 (Port 3)” will arrive at the 5-pin MIDI Out jack.
Any MIDI messages routed from your external device connected to the MOXF 5-pin MIDI IN will arrive in your DAW software as “Yamaha MOXF/MOXF8-3 (Port 3)”

This is the MOXF acting as a MIDI interface for an external device. All you need do is ensure you are sending MIDI Clock to both Ports 1 and Port 3.

Please see the MOXF Owner’s Manual pages 53 and 54.

To use the multiPort MOXF (it has 5 MIDI Ports) you must download and install the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver” for your particular computer type.

USB Port Functions
Port 1 is the MOXF itself
Port 2 is Remote Control (for Cubase, Logic Pro, SONAR, and Digital Performer
Port 3 is the 5-pin MIDI jacks on the back panel
Port 4 is for the “Yamaha MOXF6/MOXF8 Standalone/VST Editor”
Port 5 is for the REMOTE EDITOR (for controlling VSTi)

Hope that helps.
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