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  1. Geoff
  2. S70/90XS
  3. Wednesday, 23 August 2017
I have plugged in a tablet into the mic input. The sound is not clear and seems to be almost as if a flanger has been added as an effect. What is weird is that some instruments are clear (acoustic guitar) and some like the vocals and percussion are not. As well, there almost seems to be a delay on some aspects of the song such as the vocals.

I have (i think) zeroed out effects in the Utility menu (Utility>Voice) and confirmed the settings for all added effects, master and insert as "off".

What I am missing?

Thank you again for this help. I hope not too rudimentary a question.

PS. I tried 2 different tablets and an ipod to confirm incoming signal was OK, and all were the same.
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Bad Mister
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What you are missing is that your tablets and your iPod are stereo Out, the Mic Input on the keyboard is a mono In.

You can't (or shouldn't) do this... just because you made the cable fit does not change the fact that you are summing stereo to mono. Exactly what you describe will happen, anything utilizing stereo panning will be degraded in sound, some signals may disappear entirely. You insult a Flanger by using it in your description :) The vocals are panned Center, but if the Yamaha have a stereo effect, the weirdness can get weirder still.

This is the worst case scenario. Don't ever sum stereo to mono like this... it simply degrades your signal (as you can clearly hear).

From your Owner's Manual:
Mic Input
External audio signals can be input via this combo jack. A microphone can be connected to the MIC INPUT jacks. This audio can be used as input for the A/D Input Part in the Performance/Multi mode. Use an XLR plug or 1/4" mono phone plug.

You are
1) Not plugging in a mic
2) Not using a mono source
3) Attempting to fit a round peg (stereo) into a square hole (mono)
4) In danger of overloading the Input. The output level of your tablets and iPod are much stronger than the mic input is rate.

Results = unusable
The Mic Input is rated for microphones.

Hope that explains why this will NOT work.
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Thank you Bad Mister. Seems so simple now.......... (where is the embarrassed emoji when you need it)
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