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  1. Pieter
  2. Synews
  3. Wednesday, 21 March 2018
I recently bought the Yamaha MD-BT01 MIDI dongle and connected it to my Yamaha U1 Silent Piano. The delay (latency) between playing a note on the Piano and a sound being produced on the iPad is quite noticeable and IMHO not workable for playback using this system on a regular basis.

For example, trying to record a song while the ipad is playing a sound track is very difficult. Since your ear/brain is trying to play notes "in time", the delay causes the software to register the notes slightly out of step.

Does anyone have similar experience with this? The main selling point to me was the fact that they advertise it as "low latency" but I cannot find any information about exactly how low this latency is?

Some other points:
* I have updated to the latest firmware, as of 21 March 2018 (version 1.4)
* I have tried multiple apps (GarageBand, some Yamaha synth apps, ForScore). The latency does not seem to be software related.
* Tried moving closer, further away from transceiver, but no noticeable improvement.
* I'm using a brand new iPad Pro - with lots of CPU power.

I'm going to guess that the latency must come in via the BT transmission. If it is just fundamentally slow to transmit messages over the air then I guess this is as good as it's going to get. However, perhaps there are other factors involved - such as how quickly the silent piano is producing the MIDI messages.

The only real way to test this is to compare it with a wired setup.

Any feedback/ideas appreciated as well as a data-sheet of some kind that specifically defines what the expected delay/latency should be.
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Bad Mister
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It would be the only way to test... using the same app both wired and via BlueTooth.

I have not done this, but I have noticed vast differences in the delay experienced via BT, some apps are way better than others.
Download and try the AN2015 (virtual analog synth) which is included in the (free) Yamaha Synth Book App. It is actually useable... but BT versus wired is one issue, the resources necessary to run a synth app and simultaneously run a recording app on an iPad is another.

It would be interesting to see tests. Try the AN2015 see if it has better response time than your others. Let us know.
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The UD-BT01 latency is 500mS or half a second.
That is way too much to for it to be useful for anyone except a beginner.
Best to use the USB cable and iPad camera adapter !
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