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  1. Kevin
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Thursday, 08 November 2018
I I just realised a very useful modulation parameter would be the actual modulation of curve ratio values themselves. I dont think they can currently be assigned to a control or motion sequence but it would be very cool indeed for some crazy sounds. Probably too complex to do as each modulated effect has its own curve and curve ratio.
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If you are in the studio environment, you could modulate through MIDI. It may be possible to get a pedal which supports sending SysEx that could modulate as well. There are also boxes which I believe will take in a CC (or an expression pedal) and can output a SysEx stream as another no-computer option - something like the MIDI Solutions Pedal Controller (or similar).

In the land of make believe is the suggestion to have MIDI messages (including SysEx) as a destination. This was one of the types of things I was thinking of - to allow modulation of parameters that have not been mapped.
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