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  4. Sunday, 18 August 2019
Hello to everyone,

Here is something that is on my mind and needs more priorty by the programmers from Yamaha to make the Montage/MODx more accessible for visuall impaired/blind users.

One thing visually impaired users need is to have a Speech engine on board that will help us to make Montage/MODX accessible. Because Yamaha had a chance to use Speech engines for Linux and the ScreenReading technology You can get for free for Linux I think.

I know that Native Instruments is working hard to make there tools accessible by using a Mac or PC. But we need a hardware instrument that give us a chance to put our hands on all the parameters and the utility-mode to load and save data.

Only John Melas and the team of Skylife are working hard, to make there tools for visually impaired/blind users accessible. John investes a lot of time to make this happen in the next months. And the team of Skylife programmed there Sample Robot a lot accessible too. But I think that was a co incidence. But very helpful.

But as a visually impaired/blind user You can not program Your own Arpeggios and bring it into the Montage/MoDX. That's a shame. Because Yamaha develope a bad programmed Montage/ModX Connect engine that is not accessible on PC. And on Mac You can't see any information about a button function. It's a shame too. But Mac is showing, there is a button but not what kind of button it is.

If the programmers read the manuals for making there software accessible for PC and Mac they can bring accessible versions of there tools.

I know that Stevie Wonder and others are using Motif instruments and I know some guys who are using the Montage/Modx too but I can not understand that Yamaha programmers are closing there eyes. I hope that will be better in the next months and years.

And I hope that the developers from Yamaha will read this thread carefully.

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Hello Rainer - I am interested in, and sympathetic to, your appeal, as I have dry AMD which is steadily reducing my vision. It's why I was so keen to have a large external monitor - with which Yamaha were no help at all, and they still refuse to acknowledge it, let alone ensure that ALL their offerings will have the ability to drive an external monitor. But I managed it anyway, with a Dell S2240T touch screen monitor. Many Montage functions can be carried out with the buttons - but not all, so the touch screen is vital to use this magical instrument. Now, without the Dell, I would not be able to use Montage at all. And even that is getting more difficult as contrast fades away. So if anyone at Yamaha is interested, some way of increasing contrast would be nice! But we are a minority group (thankfully!) so not much financial incentive to do anything. Such is Life ...
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