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  3. Thursday, 01 September 2016
Keyboard Newbie. Ive have the Montage 6 for a few months. LOVE IT. Ive finally freed up some time and want to do some recording. Is there a good tutorial for connecting to Logic and start recording. I downloaded the keyboard driver. I can get MIDI recording in Logic, but it sounds like a jumbled mess. I have the Montage connected via USB to the computer. The audio from the computer outputs to a PA mixer and then to the speakers.

I am missing something to get successful piano audio recorded. I am recording guitar and vocals just fine.

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Bad Mister
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As you play your Montage, take notice there are several different type of Performances:

Multi Part Performances (listed as blue in the Performance Category Search screen)
Single Part Performances (listed as green in the Performance Category Search screen)

There are two types of MULTI PART Performances: those that use the multiple Parts to create a single instrument .. Like the CFX Concert, or even the Seattle Sections. Then you have multiple Parts where one or more or even all eight are under control of one or more of the eight Arpeggiators.

Recording each of these different types of Performances would require an understanding of exactly what you are transmitting OUT via MIDI. Take your time, start basic and work toward the more complex...

But to get you started, I recommend, starting with using the Montage in traditional fashion. By that I mean, using it as a sixteen Part multi-timbral synthesizer engine. Learn to do this, then endeavor to learn about recording the more innovative Multi Part items.

Quick Checklist:
In [UTILITY] > "Settings" > "Quick Setup" > touch the box "MIDI Rec on DAW"
This will make all the Montage settings for recording your playing to your DAW.

From the HOME screen setup an initialized MULTI
Touch "Init"
Touch "Multi/GM"

This creates a 16 Part multi-timbral setup with a program in each Part
Press [ENTER] to view the main HOME screen. The cursor highlights the Performance Name: "Multi/GM"
Use the down cursor to move the highlight to the TYPE/NAME box
In fact, touch that name to bring in the pop-in feature to "Search" for PART 1

Set the BANK to search "Preset"
Set the ATTRIBUTE to search "Single"

You will now be viewing Preset Single Parts... In this manner you can begin to start building your tracks.

When you select a Part, 1-16, you will be transmitting to your DAW on the corresponding MIDI channel, 1-16
Select "CFX PopStudioGrand" -this is the Single version of the CFX piano.

That should get you started with traditional MIDI recording on your DAW. Let us know.
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Huge help. Thanks so much. Also thanks to Tony Salaway over on the FB group for minute by minute help. I now have audio recording. You guys rock. Thanks
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