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  3. Sunday, 17 October 2021
When local control is off i can only control: Common cutoff, resonance, pan , portamento, attack, decay, release and reverb setting. My question is : is this by design? I can not control the Equalizer, and i also can not control individual part settings. The controls are shown on screen but the value won't change. I use Cubase 10 and Steinberg UR824 Interface on windows.
I am in love with the MODX, 6 months in and still learning. This thing is deep :D
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Search for "Local Control":

More discussion which may be confused with various user problems. There's good information in here though:

In general, when you have "Local Control = OFF" - the usual use case is that you have a DAW's MIDI THRU sending back MIDI messages from MODX. This is what "completes the loop" and sends the controls that are disconnected by "Local Control = OFF" back to MODX.
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Thank you for you reply Jason!
I am aware of the fact im sending the midi data from MODX to Cubase, which sends it back to MODX It works great and also , super knob , scenes etc. i can automate them it works brilliantly.It is no big deal anyway, cause Yamaha made it super easy to switch local OFF and ON. Takes less than a second :p Also i read most of the guides and the entire manual AND reference manual ( yes we exist ) :)
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Sentiment agreement!

It was an odd decision for such a dynamically responsive instrument to neuter adjustments sends during note recording.
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