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  4. Friday, 10 November 2017
Is it possible to load individual sounds from a Motif XF file into a Montage?
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Hello, no you cannot import a individual user sound from a motif XF file.
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Hello Andy - I'm sure I read that the Montage contains all the Motif XF voices. Could I have imagined that?
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Hello Rod, Montage contain all Preset XF voices, that's why i answer it cannot load individual "User" sound from Motif XF ;)
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Bad Mister
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The MONTAGE must convert Motif XF data, not just load it. Behind the scenes the MONTAGE must look at the XF file and extract and correlate the data that it can import (namely Voice, Waveform and Arpeggio data). This includes User Voices, Mix Voices, User Sample Voices which must be converted to a MONTAGE Part, a “lookup table” finds what Waveforms of the 3977 in the XF are used, it must find that Waveform from among the 6347 in MONTAGE or find the official substitute, it must “repoint” that data and build a new catalog. This includes if the XF data uses User Waveforms in User/FL1/FL2, and includes User Waveforms sampled in the XF Integrated Sampling Sequencer... all User Waveforms are converted, each use case is cataloged in MONTAGE’s System (this is quite different from Motif XF cataloging).

It does this throughout the file, reading, converting, building a new catalog, then writing the data to memory (to Flash). So necessarily it looks into all the different XF folders for how each Waveform is used and deals with it. To completely avoid the possibility of loading a Single and having a situation where if you later loaded another single that used the same samples and you’d wind up with duplicate Waveforms. Imagine loading the 16 Chick Corea Mark V Performances one at a time... you’d wind up possibly loading the same 400 MB 16 times. This is completely avoided, because of how it reads ALL the data, then lets you extract what you want from it. Then finally discard that temporary Library...

Summary of how it works and how you should work:
The MONTAGE loads all the data in a file that it “converts”... load it to User or Load it to a “temporary” Library.
You then can if in USER - delete the data you don’t want to keep. Or if you installed to a “temporary” Library - Import to User the data you want to keep.

You create a permanent Library by SAVING your current USER Bank as... save as “Library File” .X7L

If you want to load a single XF Voice (one not already in MONTAGE)... install the file as a temporary Library (Let Montage do its analyze and convert thing)
Import that one program (the XF Voice is now converted to a Single Part MONTAGE Performance, it’s User Arps are in the Arpeggio Folder, it’s Waveforms are in the Waveform Folder) once you Import it from the Library to the USER Bank, you will have established the new links to MONTAGE’s system and if you you import another program from that same library ...because MONTAGE has cataloged the data, it “knows” how the data was used and it will not duplicate the Waveform and Sample data imported from the same source... it will bring along any User Arps you may have assigned, and it certainly maintains the relationship with everything necessary to make it sound properly.

Yes, so while loading a single Voice seems like a simple thing to say, behind the scenes a lot is taking place... or can be taking place... even when no User Waveforms are involved.

Now once the data is converted to MONTAGE:
That said, if I want Send everyone here on YamahaSynth a MONTAGE Performance that I worked on, as long as I know what MONTAGE Waveform catalog it is using I can send you a .X7B “MONTAGE CONNECT” file that sends a MIDI Bulk dump.

All 1354 Motif XF Voices are already installed in the MONTAGE, they form the backbone of the MONTAGE sound program library.
I recently posted Motif XF PERFORMANCES: “Piano Electro”, and “Chilln’ Keys”... because all 1354 XF Voices are in everybody’s MONTAGE, and most of the 7881 Arpeggio Phrases are among the 10,000 MONTAGE Arps, these Performances can be distributed one at a time via the Bulk format .X7B (I doubt the file is 10k)

The .X7B File allows distribution of Performances that use the internal catalog of data.
If the data contains custom Waveform data (as an installed Library would have) would have to have your MONTAGE’s catalog. So it would be personally useful, but not useful for general distribution.

Hope that helps shed some light on what’s going on.
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Thanks Bad Mister for explaining how that all works! All the Motif XF files I will be loading are user waveform based and yeah I see that all the preset Motif XF programs are onboard.
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