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  4. Monday, 27 April 2020
I've been listening to the demo patterns and I am interested in exploring some of the Voices I'm hearing. For example, in 03: MOXFVoices in the PATTERN SECTION O there is a great sounding distorted guitar Voice. How do I find where that Voice is stored in order to copy, edit or just play around with understanding how that Voice has been programmed?
Thank you.
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Bad Mister
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Pre2: (H08) Hard Ramp AS1/2

The Pattern 03 “MOXF Voices” features 16 Voices one per Section A-P
Section O is the fifteen Section... you can see on the main Pattern screen when Section O is selected the 15th Track box in the screen is solid (all others are dashed boxes). Solid indicating there is data on Track 15.

If you press [MIXING] and then highlight Part 15 you’ll see the name of the Voice appear on the top line... “Hard Ramp AS1/2”

The Assign Knobs 1 and 2 will make changes to the Voice.
AsgnKnob1 - changes Cutoff and Resonance of the Filter
AsgnKnob2 - increases the Chorus Send to the “Tempo Delay“ which is doing 1/8 note echoes.

It is a Guitar in the Distortion Sub Category. Use the OCT SHIFT buttons to reach the Guitar Sound FX mapped above the natural range of the guitar... Including the 60 cycle hum and all the snorts, slides, rips, chunks, etc.,etc.,
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Thanks Bad Mister. I've found the "Hard Ramp AS1/2" Voice but I'm not sure how to reach the Guitar Sound FX. I see an OCT RANGE knob but no separate OCT button. Do you mean the OCTAVE + - buttons plus the SHIFT button?
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Bumping up for reply? Thanks
Bad Mister
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Call up the Voice "Hard Ramp AS1/2" in VOICE mode.
Shift the Octave by pressing the button labeled OCTAVE [+]
Above the natural range of the guitar (play up the keys... eventually you will reach the Guitar sound fx) you’ll know when you get there!
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Thank you!
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