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  1. Kim
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Saturday, 01 April 2017
So the other day, I wanted to make an 8 track template, allowing me to use montage connect for a part and then render it.

So I made 8 folders. In each folder there was an instrument track containing an instance of Montage connect, a midi track ,and an audio track for the rendered outcome.

The idea was that I would turn off all instances of montage connect except for the one I wanted to use for the individual track. Make the track, and then turn it off again. So there was only one instance of montage connect running at a time.

The problem that I ran into is that only the first 5 of the montage connects instances said online... everything after that, said offline.

Keep in mind that there never was more than one instance of montage connect running at anytime, all others had their power button off.

Seems like a strange limitation

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Bad Mister
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You can only run one instance of the Montage Connect. It captures/restores your setup in your one hardware Montage.
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