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  4. Thursday, 03 August 2017
I am trying to set up a key on delay for one of the oscillators in a sound. I have the key on delay tempo sync set to OFF, but can't access the Key on Delay entry to the left of it.
I even tried Turning the tempo sync on, and then turning it off. It just doesn't work. Please tell me what step I am leaving out. Thank you. I will be grateful for any help I can get.
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Bad Mister
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When TEMPO SYNC = OFF, then the *LENGTH* parameter value determines the KEY ON DELAY.
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A few general notes here:

1) If you have "Blur" (under [UTILITY] Settings->System) then it is sometimes very difficult to see some of the visual clues necessary such as the next line
2) A dark grey bar will run, solid, through the top of related parameters. This can inform you of what setting is grouped/related to another. Sometimes, the group will start with a heading. The heading will look similar to any other parameter only it will not have a box under the heading. Parameters are labeled boxes and headings are labels with no boxes under them.

In this case "Key On Delay" is simply a heading to identify what the related parameters are for - not a field with a parameter to edit. With motion blur turned off - notice from the "Key On Delay" through "Length" there is a solid darker grey "line" that runs all the way through - even between the heading and all boxes?

A few dings here:

1) If you have any of the parameters that are contained within a related list (the dark grey line going all the way through several heading+parameter fields) - then having a selected parameter will make the top part (the dark grey line) a different color (lighter grey) - so it's more difficult to see the group relation. You would need to "scroll away" from the box to see the normal color.

2) The contrast between dark grey and medium grey of the background is not as high as it could have been. So you'll have to squint or concentrate or ... in order to see where the line is connected and not at times.

In my experience, once I turned off motion blur - I found I was able to use this feature (the way parameters are groups) much to my advantage to see which parameters are related and which are not. And also to identify when there are headings (like "Key On Delay";) vs parameters that are related to that same heading. The lack of high contrast has not been much of an issue for me personally. Not like "blur" was a huge issue.
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