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  1. Stefan
  2. Sherlock Holmes The Voice
  4. Monday, 14 September 2020
Hi guys,

Is it possible to start a song within the Live Set with Key on start?

This is the situation:
I'm playing with my both hands on Montage, in Live Set I use my assignable footswitch to go to the next performance which includes the song (So I can't use footswitch to start the song), I have to start playing with both hands at the first beat of the song.
One option would be to start the song with the "play" button with my left hand and record the first bar of my left hand into the song, but that's not my first choice. So, is there a way to key on start the song?


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Bad Mister
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Hi Stef,
Yes, it is possible, here’s how:

The MONTAGE “Key On Start” is a function of the Performance Recorder’s Pattern Sequencer, you simply need to set “Key On Start” = On, and place you’re composition in the Pattern Sequence Chain. (A theoretical maximum length of 2,048 measures does exist — but should not pose a problem). You can then link the Pattern Chain, with “Key On Start” active, to the Live Set slot.

If you created the sequence in the Pattern mode, set the “CHAIN” = On, touch “Edit/Job” > Chain
You create a Chain of Scenes... Basically, instructions that tell the Sequencer *When* to play *Which* Scene... a Play Order list...
the first column is the Measure, the second column reflects the Scene number.
Tap “+” to input the Scene number.
The idea is create the linear structure (Play Order) but instead of “Converting to Song” — leave the Chain, as is.
Press [EXIT] to return to the main Pattern Sequencer screen.

With both the “Key On Start” and the “Chain” = On:
Tap the Slot location for this entry
This will register the Live Set slot so it recalls the Pattern in the Chain state... touching any key will start playback.

Extra Credit:
If your composition is already a linear MIDI Song in the MONTAGE Performance Recorder, you can transfer it to the Pattern Sequencer, as follows:
From the Performance HOME screen
Touch “Play/Rec“
Locate an empty Pattern
Touch “Edit/Job” > Touch “Song/Event” > “Get Phrase”

The “Get Phrase” Job allows you to split your linear Song into Pattern Scenes.
What you need to know: the maximum Length for a SCENE is 256 Measure.
You can “Get” All Track, and set the MEASURE Range as necessary...
If your Song is longer than 256 Measures, then you‘ll want to divide it at musically appropriate measures so that you can create the Chain.

256 Measures x 8 Scenes, that’s where the 2,048 theoretical maximum comes from... you’ll have plenty of measures... remember you are going to automate the playback with the CHAIN... so it will playback exactly like the Song.

There are a few things that Pattern mode cannot do... however...
Because all Pattern Scenes share the same Tempo, Tempo Changes cannot be written into the composition while it is a Chain (you’d need to make those manually).

Alternative Solutions:
Create a count-in in your sequencer data. While many musicians, dread the count-in, thinking it should be ‘hidden‘ from the audience... in my experience audiences marvel and actually enjoy the count-in... the silence between numbers is typically an uneasy time for those on stage... most bands dread the “dead air” time... dead air is bad on the radio... the preparation leading up to the start of a song can be exciting/compelling for the listener... it’s the calm before the storm... it’s anticipation.

Time between songs is an uneasy time for a DJ, they feel the need to fill every second with sound. As a band, you should use the silence after the applause from one composition and the start of another, to build some tension... it’s good... it cleans the sonic palette... and the count-in, in the mind of the audience is akin to the conductor tapping the baton to get everyone’s attention. It’s the judge’s gavel, calling order to the court room... notice how conversations quickly come to an end, and everyone (including the other members of the band) make ready to enjoy the next composition. Even when using performing live with a sequencer... I have found the count-in useful.

This last bit is personal opinion, offered for no other reason than it might help.
I only add this because... it’s a musical option... plus it gives you time to prepare yourself.... plus:
just in case “Key On Start” sounds like a better idea than it is... it starts immediately (you can set the Super Knob to flash tempo to get a general idea of the tempo).

Let us know.
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Hi Bad Mister,

Thanks for the explanation! Very clear! I realised I had to update from OS3.0 to OS3.5 because there was no Chain "ON" button.

The only problem I have is that it doesn't seem to save the Key on start option with the performance or with the pattern. Perhaps I'm doing something wrong? I did make the link between the pattern and the performance. When I turn the keyboard off and on again, the Key on start function is set back to off.


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Last steps should be (of saving the link):

1) Tap the box “Store Pattern & Perf Settings”
2) [STORE] the Performance - Name and store your new Performance to a User Bank location.
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Bad Mister
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I did make the link between the pattern and the performance. When I turn the keyboard off and on again, the Key on start function is set back to off
You are correct. I did not test whether that was stored with the Pattern data, it is not. And I probably understand why... it can be rather disconcerting if you’re not expecting it... I’ll standby my “count-in” alternative offered at the end of the post...

You can enter this (KEY ON START) in IdeaScale if you think it is a function that makes sense... no harm in asking.
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I brought it to ideascale. Chances it gets implemented are very poor I think. Not a function everybody is waiting for, but who knows...
Thanks for the help guys
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