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  1. Raul
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Wednesday, 25 October 2017
Hi guys,

Have any of you faced a situation where you play softly and the keyboard sounds like pressing a key at 127 level or so?, it happens in my brand new MOXF6, I uploaded a youtube video perhaps someone can tell, I have sent the video to the store as well since the keyboard is under warranty and I will return the unit any of these days, but perhaps there's something to do before, I love my keyboard and all its features. There's also a topic in Motifator.com, I'd appreciate any word.

Youtube video:

Motifator forum: http://www.motifator.com/index.php/forum/viewthread/478161/
Youtube link: https://youtu.be/Q3zm6EZbchM
I have submitted a question to Yamaha support as well.

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Bad Mister
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You have a broken instrument.... take it to an authorized service center. You can usually find the one nearest you at the corporate Yamaha.com site. If you contacted Support they will get back to you.
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Hi everybody. I took the unit to the store, the technician said it was a contact rubber issue, they replaced it and they gave me the unit yesterday, I played it around 4 hours without any failure so far. I think I'll come back after a month and I'll let you know. Greetings!
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Well, I promised to come back and let you know about my MOXF6 keys issue after a month. I can tell it has been working fine, no more issues. I'm glad the store fixed it without any charges and the technician was a kind person. I have taken the keyboard to a few gigs with confidence.

I don't know why a brand new unit would present issues like the ones I previously described, perhaps it was an isolated situation. Anyway they made responsible and fixed it. It says so much about how good a global company like Yamaha is and of course this store is good as well.

I love all the features and I enjoy playing my keyboard.
Bad Mister
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Excellent! Enjoy!
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