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  1. noah
  2. MX Series Synthesizers
  3. Wednesday, 17 September 2014
I checked this synth out in the store as an inexpensive ( I don't like to use the word cheap with quality products) alternative for my master keyboard tones I like to use in my Tyros 4. These things are sweet! Tons of control over every parameter you can think of…. and the versatility is great. Light and compact so you can check it on an airplane and it won't cost you an arm and a leg…. and the synth engine inside is astounding….. like any instrument you have to weed out the good and bad tones but there were some that I got to sound pretty darn close to the tyros 4 tones. Bravo yamaha… oh and the price is great too!
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Hey, Noah!

Thanks for the feedback, and we're glad you like the product! I especially dig the ability to play back audio files from a thumb drive, as it's great for backing up whatever you play in real-time.

I'm a Customer Support Specialist for Yamaha, so if you ever have any Qs about any of our products that you own or are interested in, please reach out to us directly at:


Have a great day, friend!
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