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  1. Richard
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Tuesday, 25 October 2016
Hi, I just bought a cosmetically perfect but used MOXF6 from Amazon. When I turn on the power I get the start up screen and it displays the correct screen for start up, however the only button or control that works after that is the Data Wheel. I can turn it to move through sounds (and hear the new sounds) but no other button or control is functional at all, no lit buttons or anything. The music store/Amazon vendor believe it maybe a defective power supply PA-150 and wants to send a replacement. Anyone else had an issue like this?
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IMO it sounds like there is something electronically wrong with it, just from how mine works. I would send it back and buy one locally with a guarantee. The extra money and piece of mind is worth it. If it was a defective power supply none of it would work. It sounds like they are giving you the run around. Good Luck.
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never had that issue. it could be ribbon wiring harness connector(s) came loose. which would be unusual. Its not the PS if it powered on, I agree with Valarie that the vendor is incorrect.
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