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  3. Wednesday, 22 March 2017

At first sorry for my limited english.

My Environment:
Win 8.1
DAW Samplitude Pro X3 (64 Bit)
Yamaha MOXF8
Connection via USB, Steinberg Driver V. 1.99
MOXF Editor Standalone/VST 1.63

When I use the Standalone Version of the MOXF Editor, all MIDI-ports (1 for music and 4 for control) will be recognized as expected and everything runs well.
But if try to use the MOXF Editor in the DAW Software as VST plugin, only the MIDI-ports at the computer for MOXF-port-4 are recognized for control, control seem to run correctly (syncronization) but the lists for the selection of MOXF-port1 (music) are empty.
There is an error message in the Setup Dialog: "ports have not been properly set".
Further more, in the File-Menu of the Setup Dialog, I havn't the entry for the VSTi-Setup to map the audio ports.
The Audio Interface from MOXF itself seems to work in the DAW, because I can put a WAV-file in an audio track and route the track to the Yamaha audio port (3+4), so you can listen to the WAV File.
According to the developer of Samplitude Pro X3, the software should support full VST3.

Would be happy about help.

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Bad Mister
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Sorry, I am not familiar with software you are using. You should contact them about the VST3 implementation. They can perhaps open a dialog with a Steinberg and get things to run correctly.

In the meantime, you should use the MOXF Editor as Standalone. The operations and functions will be the same... the difference will be that you will have to save your MOXF Editor data in a separate file from your DAW project (which is what you would do if there was no Editor).

I know it is frustrating (on this end, as well) because the routing can be complex and slightly different in each DAW. I do think however, the best thing to do is use the Editor Standalone, but drop a note to the makers of the DAW - if they see a few notes, it will spur some action. They will vontact Yamaha/Steinberg and just perhaps whatever needs to be fixed will get the attention.

What is supposed to happen:
As I understand it, the MIDI data recorded to the DAW track is routed Out to the "MOXF Editor-VST MIDI In", the Editor when ONLINE is on a one-to-one basis with the MOXF hardware. So the Editor routes the MIDI data to the MOXF tone generator. The tone generator Returns Audio to the DAW as the virtual audio return.
Bad Mister
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I downloaded a Trial version of Samplitude Pro X3 to see if i could untangle this. But when it launches the MOXF Editor it does not seem to launch the VST3 side. This seems to me to an implementation issue between this plug-in and how Samplitude wants to work. The VST3 version of the Editor should allow you to complete the audio routing - and what launches in Samplitude does not have the FILE > VSTi SETUP window. But that option does not even appear...

Now it could be that the engineers of Samplitude have a different implementation - again, I would highly recommend you drop them a note. If they need to contact us at Yamaha or with Steinberg - that can be arranged (...hopefully). I'll see what I can stir up from this side.
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Thank you for your time and the hints. What you wrote is exacly what I see, no FILE > VSTi SETUP menu item.
I agree to use the standalone Editor, it works fine for me, but I have not to forget to save the settings, before closing the Editor ;)
Magix, the manufactor of Samplitude is a German company. I will try to go in contact with the Support and explain the issue. Maybe i get response and help.
Bad Mister
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Let us know...

On the issue about remembering to SAVE your Editor File... this is true, but remember, the actual setup will remain in the hardware MOXF in case you forget! :)
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I recieved an answer from the Samplitude Pro Support. The VST3 extension in Samplitude PRO doesn't support multiple MIDI-ports right now. The support announced to patch the open point. I will give further Information when available.
Bad Mister
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Thank you for posting that reply. Multiple port support is necessary for it to run properly inside the DAW environment. In the meantime, you can run it separately as a standalone application. If get notification of an update, please let us know. Thanks.
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