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  1. Andreas
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Friday, 29 April 2016
I have just created my first pattern, but find that it doesn't return to the start immediately after the last note, i.e. when the 8 beats are up.
It just keeps on ticking before playback repeats again.

I expected there to be an option to specify the length of the pattern that doesn't allow me to record past a certain point, i.e. after 2 measures.
But MOXF, like I just explained just ticks on for a wee while after the last note.

Could someone please give me some guidelines as to what can be done to avoid that from happening?
I could not find anything here on the forum or in user manuals.
Many thanks in advance.
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Bad Mister
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Sorry, it difficult to understand what you are not understanding. When you record into a Pattern, it is presumed you are using the metronome, and that set the Time Signature, Tempo and Phrase LENGTH prior to placing the track in record.

If you want to record 2 measures you would set the LENGTH parameter to 002 prior to going into record.


If you recorded more measure than you wanted to you can use a PATTERN JOB: SPLIT PATTERN to shorten the LENGTH.
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Thank you Bad Mister! I now realise what had happened. I originally had the tempo set to double speed and had a set drum pattern that had to fit, but later I decided to half the tempo which meant that the drum beat occupied only 2 of the 4 measures. I never clicked that I had to reduce the number of measures to just 2, which would have been the length it required to loop continuously without any blank spaces.
Now I know to watch that.
I had another go. I created a new pattern and it all now works beautifully.
Thanks again so much for your efforts and quick response to help me out here!:)
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