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  3. Friday, 26 October 2018
Hi, I sell software that retunes midi keyboards microtonally (http://tallkite.com/alt-tuner.html). It does this by redirecting a single-channel midi stream to multiple midi channels. For example, all the A notes go to channel 1, all the Bb notes go to channel 2, etc. It adds pitch bend messages to each channel to get the desired microtonal tuning.

One of my users is considering purchasing a CP40 specifically for use with my software. Here's what he wants to do:

turn off local control
set the sound module channels 1-12 to 12 identical timbres (voices in Yamaha lingo), e.g. all 12 are clavi wah
send the performance midi over usb to a laptop running my software
send a multichannel midi stream over usb from the laptop to the CP40
have the sound module in the CP40 respond to all 12 channels

Variations of this might involve not 12 channels but as few as 6 channels or as many as the full 16 channels.

Is this possible on the CP40? The manual isn't clear. He needs a firm guarantee that this will work before spending the money on the keyboard.
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Hi, just trying to get an answer to my question about the CP40 being multitimbral. See my previous post in this subforum. I see that page 42 of the CP40 reference manual details how to turn off local control. Still need to know about the other stuff...
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Bad Mister
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No. It will not work. The CP40 Stage is a piano. It does not have a multi-timbral/multi-MIDI channeled tone engine. It will NOT respond on 12 channels simultaneously.
What your friend is looking for is more of what we consider a Synthesizer (as opposed to a Stage piano, not that stage Pianos can’t be Multi-timbral, it’s just in this case the CP40 is not).

A Synthesizer like the MX88, MODX8 or MONTAGE 8 would be more along the lines of what is required.
A Synthesizer will be 16 PART multi-timbral - where each PART 1-16 is on a separate MIDI channel.
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Thanks, good to know!
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