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  3. CP4/40
  4. Thursday, 23 June 2016
I have the CP4 from some time and I am very happy.
I want to ask: the keys are done with real wood?
My dealer says that it's just a wood-like sticker glued on the sides of the key.
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Bad Mister
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Your dealer is mistaken. The white keys on the CP4 Stage are real wood! Perhaps you can can win a bet with him, ...really, he should know better! :)

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The CP4 Stage is NW with triple sensors!
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  2. CP4/40
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I think the triple sensors are vital to simulating a real acoustic piano experience. The CP4 keys in conjunction with the sounds feels surprisingly real to me. I would guess the wood keys contribute to a piano's natural see-saw feel.
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  2. CP4/40
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