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  3. Sunday, 04 September 2016
Is it possible to do program changes (internal or via MIDI) which will not cutoff the current sound?
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Bad Mister
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Is it possible to do program changes (internal or via MIDI) which will not cutoff the current sound?
If we are talking the textbook Program Change event as described in the MIDI Spec, no, you cannot sustain a sound while a Program Change event is sent. On the MOXF you cannot send a MIDI command called "Program Change" without sending an ALL SOUNDS OFF meta message. This ensures that MIDI can work without hung notes.

That said, if you would like to change the sound you are playing while sustaining the previous sound, this can be done. The difference here is more than just semantics. The sound simply exist in the same program.

What you can do is recall a MOXF program that contains the sounds you wish to play, and you can seamlessly transition between the sounds within this single program. This means using either PERFORMANCE mode (4 Parts) or SONG/PATTERN MIXING mode (16 Parts).

In PERFORMANCE mode, four Voices can occupy the four Parts. They are set so all four play simultaneously from the keyboard, you can however, setup so that you can fade in/out or bring in/out Parts as you require using either controllers or Mute switches.

In MIXING mode you can occupy sixteen Parts. They normally are set so you play one at a time, by selecting the [Track Select] button associated with the Part. Since all sixteen Voices are already in the same "program" selecting them without interruption is possible. Simply touch the [TRACK] 1-16 button to transmit via that channel. You can have 16 different Voices, one in each of the 16 Parts of the MIXING, or you can group them by MIDI channel. You can hit and hold a sound in Part 1 (either by holding the keys or via a sustain pedal) while you switch to another channel and play the new sound... Finally you can let go of the held Part when you desire. There is no unnatural cut off or interruption in the sounds you are playing.

Technically speaking, this is NOT a "Program Change". But accomplishes what you wish to do.

Alternative Methods
For those who can "program", an alternate method is use the MOXF's 8 Element architecture to create sounds that transition from instrument to instrument within a single Voice. For example, the Voice "Piano & Strings" - four Elements are piano, four Elements are strings - each with separate physical control (if I remember the Assign Knobs 1 and 2 control piano and string volume, respectively).

Another example would be "MediumLargeSection" - here the Voice plays arco (bowed) Elements normally, but when you press [AF1] it will switch to a pizzicato string Element. Musically invisible transitions, like this, can be accomplished using the innovative XA CONTROL (Expanded Articulation Control) function found in the AWM2 sample playback engine.

These are examples, you can program a sound that includes your transition sounds. It's a synthesizer!
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How can i send several voices to a certain channel in song/pattern mixing? I cant seem to find the option. Also the note limit option i cant find it in song/pattern mixing.
I followed the steps but when i come to mixing, there is no option to send several voices to the same channel. To give you a picture of what i wanted to happen, here it is:
I want a piano sound on ch1, then a layer of piano and strings on ch2, a brass section on ch3, ...etc. I also want to play 4 different voices split in ch5. Please enlighten me with these.
Thank you.
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