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  1. André
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  3. Tuesday, 03 May 2016
Hi all,

I'm new here, and maybe my question is already answered but I couldn't find it.

I own a yamaha motif xs8 and have made about 30 masterprograms for a yearly returning gig.
Because it took a lot of time to make them, I want to archive them so if something strange appears, and I lost them, I can reload them from the backup.

During my research I read something about a midi bulk dump. Is this the way to go, and if it is, how can I receive them on my PC?

If the bulk dump isn't a good idea, how can i accomplish it?

Thanks by forehand!


(Excuses for my bad English, i'm from Holland and foreign languages are not really my talent)
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Bad Mister
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The best (safest and most complete) way to back up your MASTERs is to make a Motif XS ALL data file .X0A
This will ensure that everything that your MASTER programs reference is stored and backed up, as well.

If you use the BULK DUMP method, it will only save the basic framework of your MASTERs... in other words, say your Master program points to a USER VOICE location... a bulk dump only remembers which of the 384 User locations, not what was in that location at the time. If your Master program points to a SONG or PATTERN, a bulk dump only remembers which of the 64 Song or 64 Pattern locations was referenced, not the MIDI data in that SONG or PATTERN.

So again, the best, safest and most complete way to back your MASTERs is to SAVE an ALL data TYPE File. (.X0A) this literally Saves EVERYTHING!
So when you load this FILE into a Motif XS anywhere in the world - all your data will come back!

And your English is fine!
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Thanks for your reply!
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