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  3. Tuesday, 11 February 2020
How to invert mod wheel effect?
suppose for a tone the mod wheel is assigned with a certain effect at its upper position(i.e when I move the mod wheel from lower portion to upper portion) and I want that effect in its lower position(i.e when the mod wheel is in its initial position)
How can this be achieved?
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Bad Mister
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Thanks for the question...

The MW is a MIDI Controller that sends a Channel (cc) Control Change message, #001 [Modulation Wheel]. The MW sends values 0 thru 127 and the default reset is always to minimum (0).

If you wish to reverse the application of the control message with a Controller that defaults to 0 and sends increasing values toward 127, what you must do is set the target parameter to maximum, then apply a negative Depth within the Control Set.

For example, the MW is often used to switch the Rotary Speaker Speed from Slow (Chorale) to Fast (Tremolo), if you wish to reverse this application you should do the following:

First: Set the initial Speed of the Rotary Speaker effect to “Fast” — this will mean that when the MW is down the Speed will be Fast... when you initially recall the Voice, it should be set to how you want the instrument to sound.
Next: In the Voice’s Control Set (press [EDIT] > [F4] CTL SET) find the [SF] that corresponds to this Controller; set the DEPTH to a negative value. Doing so will reverse the application... as you raise the MW you will be applying negative values thus allowing this gesture to switch the Speed from Fast to Slow.

The negative Depth value will determine how far you have to raise the Wheel to cause the Speed switch.

You can understand that if the initial speed was already minimum, you cannot go lower... so by first setting the target parameter to Fast, we can reverse the application by applying negative values.

Hope that helps.
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Thank you for the instant reply!
Got the solution for my query
just didnt understood the "SET THE TARGET PARAMETER TO MAXIMUM" concept
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