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  3. Friday, 04 December 2020

I've been attempting to sort out a MODX7 - Cubase Pro10 workflow and thanks to some tutorials I found from Bad Mister I am finally making progress. BUT - basically my problem now is to do with sample rates. I know nothing technical about this subject except it seems to be bad news to have 2 different ones in the same project.

SO - MODX uses 44.1 and my Focusrite Clarett 4pre USB is set at 48kHz - I use this to record vocals mainly. All my old projects are at 48kHz.

I'd like to use the set up I've achieved today of using the MODX interface with the tight Cubase integration - and then switching ASIO driver to the Focusrite when recording vocals later. But how do I get around the sample rate mismatch problem?

Would it be possible or even sensible to try and take a signal from the focusrite in to the MODX and keeping the MODX as driver? Don't want to damage anything.

Grateful for any help.

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I wouldn't about it that much. Differing sample rates just means that the DAW will have to resample in real time at the cost of some extra CPU. There is also a quality vs CPU tradeoff, but the defaults should be fine enough. You can increase the resampling quality when rendering/exporting the audio if you desire.
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