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  1. Michael
  2. MONTAGE Series Synthesizers
  3. Tuesday, 20 July 2021
I realize that this question should be posted with Steinberg, but they have not provided any useful input at this time. When creating Midi files on a Montage8 in Cubase, the input may occasionally fall out of correct tempo. I prefer to input direct recordings without quantizing in order to preserve the subtle nuances of phrasing and dynamics. But occasionally, I miss the correct tempo and either drag or rush entries. I realize that you can move notes within the measure, but if you need some additional time to fit everything in appropriately, there doesnt seem to be a method of simply inserting some additional blank portions within the measure. You can add blank space, but cannot record within that blank space. Has anyone found that solution? Thanks, Michael
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1) Select your MIDI track
2) At the bottom of the window you should see "MixConsole" "Editor" etc. Select "Editor". This will bring up your piano roll.
3) From the Editor window, choose the "Object Selection" tool which looks like a normal mouse pointer (arrow)
4) Click+Hold to form a box around the notes you want to move to a later time. When the notes you want to move are selected (they change color) - you can click on the group and drag them to the right. This will create an "empty" space for you to insert notes.
5) The record option on this "empty" space is available. I tested using the QWERTY MIDI keyboard (pressing ALT+K then using the QWERTY keys to record new notes) but your standard MIDI controller/keyboard will do the same job.

There are going to be shortcut keys to more efficiently do this - but that's the brute force way.
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Bad Mister
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You can lasso the region of notes (to *select* them) then move them forward or back, up or down, as a group.
This along with knowing how to resize the area you are viewing, and knowing how to set the SNAP to grid feature can help you move data precisely as you require.

There is a Steinberg YouTube Channel. While many are video tutorials, many are on the deeper functions, or on newly added features in the latest release… find the ones on the basic tools… the basic tools don’t really change from version to version

it is well worth the investment in time. Avoid the more advanced videos until you have the basics down. When/if you drop in on a more advanced or new feature video, you’ll find yourself quickly getting lost because usually the presenter thinks you already know about changing the number measures you are viewing at once, and some of the more basic tools. You’ll see them resize stuff by dragging the mouse in the ruler (once you *know* it becomes so second nature…) but when you don’t know about this trying to follow a mouse in a video presentation is frustrating and often impossible.

Look for the videos on the very basic stuff, (specifically the Key Editor (Piano Roll) selecting notes, dragging, when to hold what key when dragging, etc., etc.) then, once you’ve got the tools down, the more advanced stuff will make way more sense.

Trust me on this. You don’t need to know them all but when it comes to *selection*, copying, pasting, cutting, etc., there is no shortcut, but to start putting these basic tools in your “comfort zone” toolkit.
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Thank you very much for your input. But what I need to do is add some additional portion of a measure. It appears that by using your method, I would need to create a range including all notes from one point in the song, clear to the end and move that entire range to the right to create some addition space in the middle of the song. It think that this process will work. Thank you very much. Mr
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