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  4. Sunday, 15 November 2020
I am using the Tempo Delay Stereo effect as Insertion Effect A. I have its Dry/Wet perimeter set to D63>W. I have FootCtrl2 set to control InsA Dry/Wet, Curve Type = Standard, Polarity = Uni, Ratio = +32, Param 1 = 6.

FootCtrl2 controls whether or not I hear the delay effect. With the pedal all the way up (at the toe), there is no delay effect. With the pedal all the way down, there is a maximum delay effect. This is exactly what I want.

My problem is that when I switch to this performance from another one, I immediately get the delay effect sounding. This is not what I want. I want there to be no delay effect until I do something with FootCtrl2. As soon as I go toe-up on the pedal, the effect stops. But I would like to have the effect not sound at all until I hit the pedal.

I thought that setting the Dry/Wet parameter of the effect to D63>W would do this. But apparently not. What am I missing?
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Bad Mister
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Foot Controller will always default to maximum (127). So regardless of its actual position, you’ll find it behaves as if it was in toe down (maximum) position when you recall a Performance.
This is the opposite from the MW... the MW will, regardless of its actual position, always behave as if initially at minimum (down) position.
Both are 0-127 controllers; one defaults to maximum 127, the other to minimum 0

You want the Controller’s default to be no effect - is that correct?

When you want to use the Foot Controller to change a parameter minimum to maximum, but would like to recall it initially with no effect, you can use the Control Assign parameters to reverse the application of control. This would mean when the program is recalled there would be no effect. In order to bring in the Delay you would need to use your heel to bring it in...

Here’s how:

Set the D/W parameter within the Insertion Effect so that D>W63
Set the Control Set RATIO = -32
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