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  3. Tuesday, 04 September 2018
I have a MOXF8 and have installed a flash memory board. I have 16 samples in .wav format that I have loaded onto the board. Each sample is a different sound effect (a whistle sound, for example) that I would like to assign to a specific key. What I have currently done is imported the samples and created a separate voice for each, and limited the voice to the specific key that I want. My goal is to be able to play all 16 samples in the same voice or performance, is that possible? At this point, my only idea was to layer 4 of the new voices (sound effects) that I imported, but that only gets me 4 of the effects available to play in one performance. Is there any way to have all 16 sound effects available to play in one voice or performance? Thanks in advance for any ideas or input!
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Bad Mister
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Terminology is going to be very important here, because to fully understand this it will be necessary to refer to things by the correct MOXF terms.

.wav is an audio file in a format that is Windows related. Most anything can read and playback a .wav File including your computer, your laptop, your iPad, your smartPhone, any handheld playback device. Typically, a .wav will be 44.1kHz sample rate and either 16- or 24-bit resolution. It will be either mono (1 channel) or Stereo (2 channels).

The MOXF can load a .wav File but when it does it converts it to what is then referred to as a MOXF Waveform. This Waveform is a much more complex thing. When you Load it it is directed to a Key (say middle “C”) it can be assigned a Note Range which if you play C4 it will playback at twice the speed an octave higher, if you play C2 it plays back at half the speed and one octave lower. Each half step up or down is exactly 1/12 of an octave different. And it can playback with 128 note polyphony.

A .wav is at most capable of one stereo instance, the MOXF can play 64 stereo instances of that same audio, musically tuned across the keyboard, with 127 different playback volumes based on how fast you press the key. A .wav is simple, a MOXF Waveform has additional parameters that turn the simple audio into a musically useful entity.

So when you say you have 16 samples that you loaded onboard, trust me they are no longer .wav.... you cannot install .wav to the Flash Board... and it is more than semantics... you must create a MOXF Waveform. The Waveform gives the .wav the additional parameters that make it musical.

The MOXF is not a sampler. It can import/convert data made for and/or by the Motif XF (which both could create original samples and create the Waveforms that can be turned into Voices). Motif XF Voices and sampled Waveforms can be loaded by the MOXF.

What you can do
The MOXF Drum Kit makes a perfect receptacle for your Sound Effect Audio Samples.

A “Normal” Instrument Voice is one where multiple samples across the keyboard are used to create an instrument.
A “Drum Kit” Voice is one where each Key is an autonomous instrument sound. Instead of the multiple samples sharing the range, in a drum Kit each key is a separate entity.

A normal Voice has eight Elements (one Waveform in each)
A drum Kit Voice has seventy-three Elements one Waveform per Key C0~C6

You can load an audio clip directly to a Drum Kit... you could put them one to a Key chromatically starting on C3 (middle “C”).

Call up one of the 32 User Drum Kits (they are all repeats of Preset Kits so you canoverwrite any of them).
Say you use UDR001
Press [FILE]
Press [F3] LOAD
Set the TYPE = Waveform
Highlight your .Wav data on the right side of the screen
On the Left side will be where you are directing it

Set the target to USR1, C3
Load the samples each to a chromatically higher key of this Drum Kit Voice (Kits are perfect because each Key is a separate entity).
Once you have loaded each of the .wav to MOXF as a Waveform, you can recall the Kit and edit each Key as you desire.

NAME and STORE the Drum Kit Voice to a USER location.
Then make an ALL data file to backup your work.

Drum Keys can be set individual - each has its own AEG to shape the loudness of the sound. Each key has its own routing to the effects, its own volume, Pan position, etc., etc. You can also set the Key to “Receive Note Off” = Off so that you do not have to hold the key down for the whole sampled audio clip to play (like a normal Voice).
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Thank you!!!!
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