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  1. Alexander
  2. MODX
  3. Tuesday, 24 March 2020

I want to import a specific voice from MOTIF XS "XSpandYourWorld All" library to my modx, in detail "AccSteyris".

When importing the .x0A file I got the error message "Some keybanks weren't loaded" --> When trying to play this voice, some keys play this sound, some not.

As I´ve realized in another thread it seems to be a known compatibility problem with some expansion libraries.
Can anybody confirm?

Is there another source to get this specific voice to my modx?

Thank you in advance for you help!

Regards Alex
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I'd bet this is the issue of waveform compatibility between many of the past promotional material and Montage/MODX. Since Montage has been around longer, I searched google:

site:yamahasynth.com xspand montage

... which returned - for me the 2nd link: https://www.yamahasynth.com/ask-a-question/finally-montage-is-fully-compatible-with-motif

The 2nd to last post there from Bad Mister summarizes the latest status and limitation.

There's lots of other threads covering this ...

... MODX one

... and this could go on and on. It's been covered a lot.

Montage and MODX doesn't support WXC/LPC Waveform encodings or 8-bit Waveform bit-widths.
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Thank you, Jason.
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