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  4. Friday, 18 October 2019
Hello - heeding advice given here, I popped into Ideascale to put up a simple idea to help synthetists. So simple I figured it must already be there somewhere - but how to find out? I was advised there were 240 active campaigns - a solid hour later I'd checked 100 of them without success, so gave up and added it anyway - it was Idea #496 ! No idea where the other 256 were ... but most items had 1 vote - the original author's vote. So either no-one else thinks the idea is any good, or no-one reads them anyway. I did add a vote to one item, but I was skipping looking for one thing, rather than considering each on its merits. The Ideas themselves aren't numbered - I guess they're sorted in order of number of votes awarded, regardless of what number Idea it was to begin with. So the first 20 or so have a chance of being read, and possibly voted on, while the remaining several hundred have little chance of ever getting read. Not good. I didn't find any way of searching for a broad category - difficult anyway - but is there one?

My Idea was simply to make single Part Presets selectable by number, similar to the way Elements can be selected. The numbers already exist in the Data List, but are not used on Montage, unlike the Elements list.

What a boon it is to have Montage return to where you started when pressing 'Category Search' - thanks for listening, Yamaha!
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Ideascale has a search feature. It also tries to identify matching ideas when you start filling in the title. So you can try different keywords in the title before starting the post as one way to see if there's a similar idea out there. Going one-by-one is the slow way.

Unlike yamahasynth - ideascale is not well indexed on search engines (like google) - so you cannot use that method. You have to use the in-ideascale search features.
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