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  4. Monday, 29 June 2020
I'm having the same issues as Greg concerning syncing with Soundmundo and read that thread with Bad Mister. I am clearly logged in but cannot get "Sync" to engage. I have used this app and uploaded/downloaded plenty in the past, so I'm not sure what the reason for this new failure could be. I'm using Chrome, a MAC, good USB which works on all my other gear. Any ideas?
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Bad Mister
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Based on what you (not Greg (?)) have told us... you have to not only be logged in, but connected via USB to one of the site’s supported products:
refaceCP/CS/DX/YC, MODX/MONTAGE, CP88/CP73, or YC61

We assume you just forgot to mention which keyboard. Things that have changed since you last successfully logged in, could be the firmware version of your hardware, the operating system on your Mac, your virus protection software, your own computer security settings, etc.,

If you are posting to inform us that there is something wrong with the site, it is not an issue that everyone is having. We apologize for issues you are having... but as best we can tell it is something on your end.

You don’t mention (so we have to) you must first Browse, find a listing for your particular supported product, click on that item to select it. It is at this point you can click SYNC. This action will bulk the data to the supported product which should receive the sound in its working Edit Buffer.

Since you’ve done this in the past, we are sure you know this. But it must be stated... you must *select* before you *Sync*.
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