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  1. ben
  3. Thursday, 03 September 2020
On Wed, 2 Sep at 11:44 PM , Ben Campbell <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> wrote:
yes I need help.
I have no touch control on my keyboard. notes are just full blast.
Searching your site FAQ's, and my keyboard site Yamaha montage and the owners manual, and a general search on line. I don not find a solution yet to my issue which likely means its a simple setting on my end.

I believe I have everything set up that is obvious. This is my first attempt at a midi interface, I've always just used on board performances.
Hi Ben,

Do you mean that you have no velocity control when using the instrument with your keyboard?

I first suggest you check your keyboard's velocity settings, then if you need you can edit the piano's velocity response from Ravenscroft's MIDI panel.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Arthur Collin
VILabs support
So, I'm using a PC and running UVIworkstation. I see no settings there for velocity (assuming it's general settings perhaps). They use the phrase ready to go out of the box on their web site.

This is my first attempt with any PC based program for interfacing with a keyboard. I'm feeling its all over my head and may ask for a refund, thought I would try one more time, any advise is appreciated.
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Bad Mister
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Hi Ben,
I feel like I’m coming in on the middle of the movie... since this is your very first post here, could you bring us up to speed before you seek a refund (I’m not even sure for which item you are thinking about getting the refund).

It seems last night you wrote to someone at VILabs (?) about some software... this software is not responding properly to velocity. Is this a synth? a sequencer? Sorry we have no idea.

Global Velocity Curve
On your MONTAGE, press [UTILITY] > touch “Settings” > “Sound”
Check that the “Velocity Curve” is NOT set to FIXED. If set to FIXED — then your issue is solved and you can skip the rest of this... change it to anything other than Fixed, then go enjoy your software. However, if this is already set to Normal, Soft, Hard or Wide (all different Velocity responses)... then read on... Your issue is elsewhere.

We can’t help you with that software, but we sure can help you setting up your MONTAGE. You gave us no details about what you need the MONTAGE to do (besides triggering the software on your computer).

Here is your checklist for your MONTAGE
Press [UTILITY] > touch “Settings” > “MIDI I/O” > make sure MIDI I/O = USB (green)

You need to download and install the “Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver version 2.0.3 for your computer type...
Once installed you can verify installation
On your Windows PC — Go to START —> scroll down to “Y” - find “Yamaha Steinberg USB Diver” —> in that folder find its “Control Panel”

...with your MONTAGE connected via USB (using the “TO HOST” port on the back panel) to your computer (avoid hubs), you will see the Driver Control Panel... there should be three Tabs: MONTAGE, ASIO, ABOUT. This is how you verify you have your Driver installed, you can check the version and see that it is working.

On the top line of your MONTAGE screen you will see a bright blue USB icon (if it is grey or flashing, STOP, let us know).

Preparing to Address OUT via MIDI
Now let’s setup a Performance Part to address your computer software. You cannot just use the MONTAGE as is... we will need to designate one of the 16 Part slots to house the Settings you’ll use to address this software.

I don’t know (and you didn’t tell us) what this software is looking for — I’m going to assume it needs to receive on one MIDI Channel — if my assumption is wrong please, let us know.

On the MONTAGE press [UTILITY] > “Settings” > “Advanced” > Set the “Zone Master” to ON
This global setting will activate your MONTAGEs ability to address external devices Out via MIDI.

Let’s create a new Performance... we’ll place a MONTAGE sound in Part 1, but then we will deactivate that internal instrument and substitute your external instrument by using this Part 1 slot as an external Zone.

Here’s how:
From the HOME screen
Set the “Bank/Favorite” = All
Set the “Attribute” = All
Touch “Init”
Select “Init Normal AWM2”
press Home

Next, we’ll drop into Edit and make our setting
Press [EDIT]
Touch “Part Settings” > “Zone Settings”

Set the “Zone“ = On
You will now see the settings that we’ll use to address your software Out via MIDI.

Set “INT SW” = Off (Internal Switch) this will allow us to use this Part slot (Zone) exclusively for the External device.
Set “Transmit Ch” = whatever MIDI channel you want to use Out via MIDI.
You can choose to use the other parameters or you can simply turn them off.

Since you are controlling software you may not need BANK SELECT or PROGRAM CHANGE... if you’re not going to use them set them to “Off”.
If you need to set it change Volume and Pan you can leave these active.
“MIDI SEND” means you can change the external device from here. For example, if MIDI SEND is active changing the “Volume” and/or the “Pan” will happen in real time.
You can set Note Range, octave and transpose. You can STORE these settings within this Performance.

Be sure to name it something appropriate like “External Synth” or whatever sound you’re playing.

This covers how you should be addressing your external software.
Let us know... we had to make too many assumptions for us to feel confident we helped you. If we are far off target, please give us a clue about what we are dealing with. Hope that helps.

Extra Credit:
The MONTAGE can transmit on eight Zones simultaneously... the first eight Parts can be linked via the KBD CTRL icon on the HOME screen. To activate additional Zone, remember an internal MONTAGE sound must initially occupy the Part slot... we turn the INT SW =OFF which allows us to use the slot exclusively as an external controller. Any combination of Internal and External Zones can be setup — the maximum is 8 simultaneously.

For example, if you are playing a MONTAGE Multi Part Performance (say “CFX Concert” which occupies Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4) you can then place dummy instruments in Parts 5, 6, 7 and 8 and layer four External channels of data.

If you have 7 internal then you’ll have 1 external Zone
You could make all 8 Internal, you could make all 8 External
And combination up to 8 simultaneously.

Any Part slot can be used for Internal or External control... but the maximum simultaneously is 8. Specifically Parts 1-8
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