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  1. Daniel
  2. Sherlock Holmes
  4. Sunday, 16 October 2016
I have the "Rec Audio to DAW" template applied
I have a number of audio tracks in my DAW (Reaper) that work just fine
I created a MIDI track for the Drums. (I recorded a drum loop locally on the Montage and then dragged the file into Reaper via Montage Connect)

My problem now is this, due to the routing.
I have to have "Direct Monitor" ON in order to hear the Midi being played back from the DAW.
But this results in the "doubling" effect when I play the keyboard for audio tracks.

Is there a way to be able to hear the midi track, and somehow avoid the doubling for the audio stuff?

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@BM -> I found a suggestion you made for a similar discussion here

ie, keeping Direct Monitor = ON
And muting the DAW

This is a manageable "workaround".
Is there by chance another "solution" I've missed?

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Bad Mister
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Daniel, usually there are several ways to accomplish this, it varies from DAW to DAW exactly where and how.

Doubling can usually be avoided by not duplicating the routing to your speakers. When using the "REC Audio on DAW" template the audio tracks will playback fine. If I'm following you then drag n dropped a MID recording into the DAW using Montage Connect.

To monitor this you must make Direct Monitor On, reason: it's MIDI data being sent to the Montage hardware, the hardware produces the audio in response to the data and sends it to yout main Left/Right outputs.

But it also is sending it into your DAW, typically an active track in DAWs echo back incoming data to the audio interface.
Do not select the track during playback, do not set the record or monitor switch to on for that track, these actions prevent doubling.

I don't know Reaper, but in Cubase you have a red Record Ready icon on each MIDI TRACK and a tan Monitor Speaker icon. Reaper will have something similar, some way to not double the routing. Make sure the MIDI track is just playing back, and is not armed for recording - when you want to playback.

Also make sure the Montage Play/Rec is not running when playing back.

Hope that helps you track down the option that prevents the doubling.
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