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  4. Tuesday, 22 June 2021

I've been using HS8 monitors for some time and I think they are great!

I am facing a small issue:

There is a difference in bass response of the right and left speaker. Let's say I have a Linn kick, mono sample. There is a strange resonance and less bass depth on the right side, left side is ok. I swapped the speakers and it makes no difference. I am pretty sure that this problem is related to the speakers' placement in the room. I have a treated room (about 50 %), bass traps where possible and foam behind and underneath my HS8. I still cannot figure out what's causing the difference in bass response.

Any help appreciated!

Thank you!!!!!!


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Bad Mister
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Back in my days as a recording engineer, I used to stay up on articles about the “perfect Control Room” — enough to know there is no perfect listening environment. We just can minimize the damage.

Theoretically, the perfect listening environment would be devoid of surfaces that reflect sound. That means no walls, floor or ceiling, and a console that was vertical (minimizing the flat surface) so you would be peaking over a vertical console on some kind of floating chair...

The conclusion was to try to configure an equilateral triangle with your monitors... the wall behind you (which in a perfect situation wouldn’t be there) should be sufficiently far away so that reflections from it are negligible.

Distance from walls and corners should be considered. Equal from each speaker - if possible (basically avoid corners).
What’s on the other side of the wall should be considered... if one speaker is in front of a load bearing wall and other is backed by wall that separates it from another room, that can influence the sound.

The lower the resonance is in frequency, the less it will directly reflect back... a standing wave can form in any hollow space. Bookcases, cabinets with empty space...
The floor... tap on the floor under the speaker stands - if under one speaker the floor is solid and the other speaker is sitting over the empty apartment downstairs... you might hear that difference.

Best you can do with studio monitors in a home environment... is tighten your equilateral triangle so that you eliminate as much of the Room reflections as you can. If we could see sound this would all be much easier.

Move the speakers away from corners and walls, if possible. Often we go for how it looks... put sound first. If you have a wall inches behind your speakers, see if you move them away from the wall does it makes a difference. If the speakers are already away from the wall, then try moving them back against the wall... in other words, you are trying to deal with resonances in the room. Experiment.

Monitor speakers should be ear level or at least aimed at your ears when you are in the engineer’s seat (sweet-spot).

— Edit —

This just showed up in my YouTube feed (yikes): https://youtu.be/EIQVv3JB97g
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Thank you! Very helpful explanation. I'll see what I can do. :)
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