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  3. Monday, 29 July 2019
Hello! Im tring to understand hoa can i use the zones to control my XV 5080 Roland and My Wavestation SR. Using USB cable and Logic X. I have my own Master/Voice whith Zone ON.
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Bad Mister
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Connect the MOXF to your computer via USB.
You’ll need the Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver for Mac.

You’ll need to address the external synths through your setup in Logic.
Create a MIDI Track for each device you want trigger from the MOXF... Assign each so it is receiving MIDI IN from the MOXF-1 (Port1).
Assign the MIDI OUT to the device you want to trigger... one per Track.
You’ll need to *select* all of the Tracks to transmit to them simultaneously.

Everything you’ll need to know about setting up the MOXF Master Mode is here:
Understanding MOXF Master Mode
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