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  1. Ricardo
  2. MX Series Synthesizers
  3. Tuesday, 24 March 2020
I have FL studio - I have the MX 49 and every time I hit play on my saw the freaking keyboard starts playing all these patterns..I want to use my keyboard as a midi control and with internal sounds I don't care for the patterns..is there a way to permanently turn of the performances.. rhythm pattern..I don't want to hit okay and have this play from the keys. Please help
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Bad Mister
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If you don’t know how to stop sending the MIDI Start (FA) command from your DAW software...
Set the MX “Seq Ctrl” = Off

Press [UTILITY] > select “MIDI” > find “SeqCtrl” and set this to OFF. This will prevent the MX Transport button from starting when you start your software. (Reference Manual Page 66)

When you create a new Performance for sequencing, be sure the [ARP ON/OFF] button and the [RHYTHM PATTERN] buttons are set to OFF.
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