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  1. Zoltan
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  3. Thursday, 16 January 2020
Hi everyone! I have a MODX6 since 2 months and it is kind of tricky to program it but slowly I'll learn it.

I need some help with the parts volume in sequencer mode. I have an 8 part performance. Part 2 to 7 it is a mixture of percussion and I did record 16 bars of rhythmical patterns on each part . So everything is functional, but I need a volume control above part 2-7. I deleted all the assignments for the 8 knobs and start to define the 1 knob for part volume control for each and every part with percussion. After I finished, I started the sequencer, moved the super-knob and the volume increased, but when the sequencer come back to the first measure, the volume decreased to it's initial level...so after it starts again the whole sequence, the volume is reset to it's original level....I think it is some other setup, that I have to make in the arpeggio setting, but I could not figure it out...

Any help or suggestion are welcome!
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The volumes, superknob position, etc. are recorded with the pattern. Therefore, these values are restored when the loop repeats. Any offsets you apply in real-time will "reset" when the loop comes back around and refreshes its initialized/recorded settings.

The context in the below is superknob position, but would apply to other parameters as well.
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Thank you Jason! It is done!

I have unlinked the super knob and put the 1 assignable knob in charge for several parts volume control, and it is working, not resetting ....thanks again.

All the best!

ps: maybe it would be possible for a more user friendly software...with other brands, it was quite easy to program what I want, without forums and even without reading the user manual...of course, I know, modx can do a lot of things, but for this you have to be a programmer and the program language it is new to me...took me some time to do a simple transpose of a performance, the reason was the name of it 'NOTE SHIFT" instead of TRANSPOSE...hopefully I am the only one who has this kind of problems and everyone else can set up this keyboard in no time. Someone told me that Casio PX-5S it is hard to program it...no big touch screen, only buttons, and in a few days I understood 70% of it, and it was the same with Kurzweil, Kawai and Roland too...My main thing is making music not programming. Good to have this forum to be able to get some answer.

...and I will not mention the poor basic midi capabilities, when you are using the modx like a sound module, second keyboard, like I am using it...hopefully, the next version will let us to decide to choose our receive midi channel fr each part of a performance as we want, not as it is defined

Thanks again, and all the best!
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