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  4. Sunday, 28 May 2017
When I save a file from Montage (for example a .X7U file) to an external flash drive it comes out as modified on 31 Dec 1999.

How to set date on the Montage so it is up-to-date?

I have searched Montage manuals and here but do not find the answer although I suspect it is somewhere.

Thanks for your help.
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I see no hooks for setting the hardware clock (RTC) in Montage. Since I haven't used Montage Connect - I'm not sure if it syncs up the clock with your PC or not. Also, I haven't been keeping track of the save files and the times. RTC inside Montage needs to be battery maintained or else the clock will stop when you power off and unplug Montage. Not sure how RTC is preserved (if at all) - someone with the service manual can check to see what the schematics show.

As far as user access to this - unless Montage Connect allows for some sync mechanism - I see no user-presented facility to set the clock on Montage itself.
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Bad Mister
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The Montage is unaware of the current date and time, as far as I know. The reference to DATE within the firmware operating system is related to the order in which something was created by the Montage. Not the literal date and time. As you store each Performance to the User Bank it is given a Bank and Program number. As you write files to a USB stick, the statistics for exactly when that occurred is just some default data... the Montage is not aware of the current time and date.

You will see that you can list Performances by "Name" (alphabetical) or by "Date" (earliest to latest or vice versa) but this simply refers to when they were created (and numbered). When it comes to Files, "Date" is not an option... "Name" and "Size" are the view options.

The computer utility "Montage Connect" will Date and Time stamp each bulk Program as you capture them. In your computer you can sort and view them as you desire...
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Thanks for the quick replies. I understand the situation (I was referring to the Date as seen on the computer, not on the Montage). Once the file is transferred to the computer, the field Date Added (Apple) gives the date the file was transferred to the computer which could be later than it was transferred to the external flash drive (not using Montage Connect). I do name all backup files with current date so that helps the situation.
In any case, it does not seem particularly logical that a .X7U file created today 28 May 2017 comes out as Modified on 31 Dec 1999 whereas a .X7U file created on 9 Feb 2017 comes out as Modified on 1 Jan 2000. Maybe the Montage is counting down to the beginning of the Universe ;-)
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I assumed you were complaining about timestamps saved on files that end up on your USB stick. These timestamps are saved on the USB stick because that's what the RTC on Montage is set to. I only mentioned Montage Connect as a possible method Yamaha could use to set the RTC on Montage to match the computer's time -- and if that happens or not is unknown to me since I don't use Montage Connect.

So again, the only way to get the dates correct on your USB stick saved files from Montage is to set the RTC on Montage - and there isn't a user way of doing that. And, again, I'm not even sure if you could set the date if it would survive power cycles. You can leave your Montage plugged in for days - save a file to USB - then disconnect the power cord from the wall - wait 5 minutes - and plug the system back in - immediately turning Montage on and saving a file. If the file's time seems to be AFTER the 1st save file (by 10 minutes or so) - then there must be a battery backing up the time. If the time is BEFORE the first save file (by a few days) - then there is no battery backup.

Why this matters is because if there is no battery backup then you are hardware limited and no amount of firmware tweaks or other tricks are going to save you. If it does appear there is battery backup - then you may eventually get a method to set your Montage RTC that sticks.
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