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  1. Nauman
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Tuesday, 09 May 2017
I have uploaded Inspiration on a flash on my MOXF6 Flashboard. How do I save my favourite voices and delete the ones I dont like.?
I will appreciate some help. Thanks
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Bad Mister
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There are several ways to do this...

By far the most elegant is to use the Melas Waveform Editor* which allows you to assemble the sounds you'd like by simply dragging and dropping them into a MOXF library, create a .X6A file. Then you can format the FLASH BOARD and install that newly created file onto your Flash Board.

*Melas Waveform Editor is a third party program for Windows or Macintosh, that lets you create and manage data on your computer.

If you are doing it with just the MOXF hardware there are two approaches:
Install the data to the MOXF and go through all Banks making note of which Voices you wish to keep.

Then you can either
1) format the Board and then Load just the ones you wish to keep (using the Load "voice" or Load "1bank voice" File Type).
2) delete the ones you don't wish to keep

Either method is a bit time consuming but the MOXF will do most of the heavy lifting- you simply make the selections and press the buttons. Which you choose will be determined by how many you wish to keep versus those you wish to eliminate. If you are only eliminating a few opt for method two. If you only wish to keep a few opt for method one.
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I think I will let the MOXF do the heavy lifting. Thanks
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how do you delete User Voices? "Initialize" them?
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Hey Phil,

will the deletion of a waveform automatically drop the according samples from the flashboard?

Many thanks in advance!

P.S. :just listened to your youtube vid where you explained all the stuff related to the flashboard and external libs. It was good to hear your voice and
yourself giggling about your 'cooking' tips :D
Bad Mister
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A Waveform is a collection of Samples... it can contain as few as one and as many as 256.
When you Delete a Waveform, you delete all the Samples within.
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