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  3. Wednesday, 30 October 2019
If i record a song or pattern on the MODX or Montage and transfer it with Yamaha Connect to a daw (f.e. Cubase or Ableton) the Performance identification MSB LSB Prog are not transfered, tough the Daw (Cubase Bank Prog; Ableton Bank LSB Prog all 3 :-) can use and store this information. The recording of the performance identification now has to made by hand which...This is not handy not at all, even the performance name has to be typed by your fingers into the related Daw note fields.
Can it be that i have not catched the trick to get this done in a handsome way?
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Bad Mister
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If you are running MONTAGE CONNECT or MODX CONNECT (depending on which synth you own) as a VST/AU utility in your DAW, simply activate “Auto Sync”. When Auto Sync = On, SAVING the DAW project will automatically Save the current MONTAGE or MODX Performance.

Additionally, when next you open the project, the CONNECT utility will automatically restore your Performance. You do not need use MSB/LSB/PC... The Performance will automatically be sent from the computer to the instrument. You basically open the Project file and you’re ready to go. The CONNECT program immediately restores the correct Performance.

MONTAGE/MODX Connect is a convenient tool which lets you transfer data between your computer and the MONTAGE/MODX. Song data created on the MONTAGE/MODX can be transferred to your computer and the Performance data edited on the MONTAGE/MODX can be saved as a file (.X7B or .X8B) on the computer.

MONTAGE/MODX Connect, based on Steinberg’s VST3 technology, works as a VST3 plug-in with the Cubase series. The MONTAGE/MODX Connect also works as the same way as other VST instrument software, allowing you to save the edited settings of the MONTAGE/MODX, or use them for another project.

They are also AU compatible plug-Ins.

Extra Credit:
Additional reading: What is MONTAGE CONNECT?
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Oh, ¡What a so practical solution!
Instead of to push a button an automatically send Bank Select + Program Change to the sequencer, we need:
1) To have a computer,
2) To have Montage Connect Installed,
3) To Have Cubase o Ableton installed,
4) Enable Auto Sync,
5) Save the project in a close file format only readeable by Montage connect.
¿And if we want to open the MIDI sequence in a computer without Montage connect, what?
¿What if we want to use a harware sequencer instead of a computer?
¿What if we want to archieve the MIDI sequence for to open it moths or years later?
¿Does Montage come with a wizard that will remember us forever all the configuration we have used?

Mr. Yamaha: MIDI was designed in 1983 for to avoid all these problems, and for this reason near all the MIDI keyboards can send in realtime the main MIDI information, Bank & Program includded, for to be recorded or stored in realtime at the head (or in the middle if required) of the MIDI sequence.
¿Have you forgot what MIDI is?
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