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  4. Sunday, 16 December 2018
How to Play Guitar Parts on Keyboard

Daniel Fisher, Sweetwater’s pseudo guitarist, shows you all the tricks he uses to play acoustic, electric, and slide guitar parts on keys. Daniel is performing on factory presets from the new Yamaha MODX6 Synthesizer that use sampled or FM guitars. Fisher is also controlling some presets with the Yamaha FC7 expression pedal.

Worth watching.
instruction guitar playing on keyboard
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He mentions MODX doesn't have a Pedal Steel Performance. He must have overlooked perf # 1053. I'm not a fan of how that Performance sounds for pedal steel and typically just use an electric guitar as he does in the video.

Even with this slight oversight - the content of the video is great.
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@Jason. Yes you're right.

For those into pedal steel also watch the Genos pedal steel,
which is capable of pitch bending just the low notes and leave the high melody notes in pitch.

As a keyboard player I prefer key-sounds and leave playing the guitar up to other band members.
But sometimes a nice acoustic ornament is required where the electric guitar player can not just switch guitars.

4 neck guitar
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Having played the pedal steel on Tyros - I'm aware of the additional articulation options with the arranger series. To approximate this, what I do is split the keyboard among several different PARTs then apply different pitch bend ranges to each PART. Sometimes, I have the right side of the split have 0 downbend while left side has -3 (or whatever is required) and I'll have different areas of the keyboard where I can play certain chord "morphs". It's not as generic as the S.Art on (Tyr/Gen)os, but it can get the job done with a lot of prep and not so forgiving to play anything except an arranged set of notes.
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