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  4. Thursday, 06 July 2017
Sometimes when listen to small string section recordings I can easily recognize that one or a couple violins that are closer to the mic have dominant sounds. It is not severe but I can hear that. Although the're in the background and sound less louder than the violins close to the mics, they contribute to the lush sound of a string section. Specifically saying It makes the string section sound "wide".

My question is how to program a VOICE so that it sounds very wide and lush. I've tried to recreate it with two elements
- Element 1: Violin
- Element 2: String Section

I also have 2 short delay on both violin and string section to create doubling effect (which definitely makes both of them sound stereo and awesome) but I want more.

How can I get more expansion and lushness?

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Bad Mister
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Talking about music (sound) is like dancing about architecture (apologies to Mr. Zappa) - in other words to make something more lush, one would have to have an idea of how lush it is now.

Everything you mention is important to creating the illusion you seek. Often lesser amounts of Reverb on the bigger ensemble versus the Reverb amount on the solo can create a difference, as can panning the Reverb Return.

It is very, very short delay that is most effective in increasing ensemble size... once the swirling movement begins the brain interprets the delay as a chorusing "Effect" rather than it being an increase in ensemble size (chorusing is usually too much)... Pan positioning is very important. Offsetting the REVERB return position is also effective in creating the illusion.

Be careful with timing being too tight, or too loose. Too tight and it sounds machine like... too loose and it sounds unprofessional. (Is that dancing about architecture enough!) you have to find that balance based on the composition.
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