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  1. javier
  2. MODX
  3. Tuesday, 10 December 2019
Can someone tell me how to import (load) a drum set midi for use in a performance or to store it? thanks
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Bad Mister
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Can someone tell me how to import (load) a drum set midi for use in a performance or to store it? thanks
You don’t say the origin of this “drum set MIDI” — I’m not sure I know what that is...

A MODX Drum Kit is typically a Single Part Performance, made up of 73 Waveforms mapped one to a Key, C0~C6.
You can create your own Drum Kit Part by assembling the Waveforms into an existing Kit or you can start with an “Init Drum (AWM2)”

There are more than 3,500 Dr/Perc Waveforms in the MODX Wave ROM
There are tons (and tons) of Drum Kit Parts in the MODX (Please see the Data list booklet pages 19-61 lists all the various Drum Kits found among the factory Preset data.

You can load compatible .wav data directly to any Drum Ki.

Reference Manual (page 126)
This is where the Drum Kit “Key Edit” is explained.
Call up the Drum Kit you want to work with
Press [EDIT]
Select the Part containing the drum Kit
On the bottom line of the screen touch “Drum Key”
You navigate to KEYS by activating the “Key Select” option in the screen (green = active), then touching the Keyboard will recall a Key’s parameters
Touch “Osc/Tune” this is where you can search/change the Drum Waveform identified at the top of the screen.

Touch the box that says “New Waveform”
This will let you Load your .wav data to the currently selected Key.
When a USER WAVEFORM is assigned to a Key you will see an “EDIT WAVEFORM” box appear that drops you into the Waveform area of MONTAGE.

You can assemble a maximum of 256 samples into a Waveform... this accommodates 128 stereo samples per Waveform
Any two Mono samples (or a single Stereo sample) can occupy a Key Bank. A Key Bank is defined by a Note Range and a Velocity Range. In a Drum Kit each sound typically occupies a single Key... each Key is either a separate instrument or a separate articulation of a drum instrument. (For example, hihats typically cover three keys - for three different articulations: Closed, Pedal, Open... F#1, G#1, and A#1 respectively.

The Key Bank system means you can stack multiple samples into a Drum Waveform, as long as you setup the Velocity Limit that will define when it sounds. Play most any of the factory Snare drums - you’ll hear four and sometimes five different samples that trigger at different velocity ranges. Same with Hihats, and many other instruments.
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I mean a standard MIDI drum loop.

I explain:

I want to use my libraries created in the DAW and pay with MIDI drum rhythms (also bass lines, pianos ...) place them on the SD card and then import them into the modx so that they can be used in my permormance.

Thank you.


me refiero a un loop de bateria en MIDI standard.

Me explico:

Quiero utilizar mis librerias creadas en el DAW y de pago con ritmos de batería MIDI (También líneas de bajo, pianos...) colocarlas en la tarjeta SD y luego importarlas al modx para poderlas utilizar en mis permormance.

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Bad Mister
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If you can SAVE that data (created in your DAW) as a Standard MIDI File .mid... (Type 0 or Type 1) you can Load that MIDI data into the MODX
You will need to place the .mid file on a USB stick that you use with your MODX.

On your MODX:
Touch “Contents” > “Load”
Set the “Content Type” = .mid File
“Please connect USB device” appears
Insert your USB stick.
You’ll see a box that represents your USB drive, tap it to view the contents...
Select you MIDI Title

You can load the MIDI data to either the MODX MIDI “Song” or to a “Pattern” Scene

You will now have the MIDI data in the MODX sequencer. You will now need to create a Performance to match the Tracks of the MIDI File.
Choose an instrument for each Part.

Bank/Favorite = All
Attribute = All
Touch “Init”
Select “Multi/GM”
Press [ENTER]
Choose an appropriate sound for each Part as necessary.
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THANK YOU, I try it and tell you.

GRACIAS, lo pruebo y le comento.
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yes, indeed ... selecting the multiGM option and importing the midi as SONG works ... but of course I want to use the drum sounds of the MODX not the MIDI sounds.
I have tried to create a performance only with INITDRUM and also with REAL DRUM KITS PERFORMANCE or with any other performance and MIDI does not sound.

Thank you

si, efectivamente... seleccionando la opcion multiGM e importando el midi como SONG funciona... pero claro yo quiero utilizar los sonidos de batería del MODX no los sonidos MIDI.
He intentado crear una performance solo con INITDRUM y también con REAL DRUM KITS PERFORMANCE o con cualquier otra performance y el MIDI no suena.

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I also don't understand how to recover the drum loop when I import it as PATTERN, I don't know where it is stored or how to make it sound.

Thanks again!

Tampoco entiendo como recuperar el loop de batería cuando lo importo como PATTERN, no se donde lo guarda o como hacerlo sonar.

Gracias de nuevo!
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