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  4. Thursday, 09 May 2019

When building a voice, I find myself wanting to use several similar elements --- e.g. two sawtooths with different pitches, but identical or very similar filter setting, and filter and VCA envelopes, and velocity sensitivity. Is there a simple way to copy ALL parameters from one element to another within a voice (or between voices for that mater)?

I saw a video with this on the Montage, but the process didn't seem to work on my MOXF.

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Yes, Montage is totally different not having voices. MOXF can use the Voice Job function - [F3] COPY. Source and destination can be elements. This should copy all of the source element's data over to the destination. Your source can pick any voice (including the voice you are currently editing, or a voice outside of the one you are editing) - so this same command would cover both of your needs.

Page from the manual: https://www.manualslib.com/manual/578815/Yamaha-Moxf8.html?page=52
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Thanks Jason - I'll try that, and thanks for the manual reference too.
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