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  1. Nauman
  2. MOXF Series Music Production Synthesizers
  3. Sunday, 12 March 2017
How can save STY files in to my MOXF6. I know I have to convert STY files in to .x files .
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Bad Mister
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Yamaha synthesizers are not compatible with .STY Files, sorry. That is a file format for Yamaha "Arranger" keyboards.
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Rename file. .sty. Ti. .mid qnd import like standard midi file.
You will obtaiin a song with all’ the sections, info, file, mai nani,..... in a single sequenze.
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I tried to do this - I imported a .sty file into Cubase, separated out the MIDI tracks for the different instruments and different sections, then imported them individually into the MOXF, and then used "put track to arp" to create MOXF arpeggios from them.

It was hours and hours of work and the results weren't very satisfactory - the "chord intelligence" of user arps doesn't work like it does in arranger keyboards.

So I didn't bother doing it again.

The reason I did it is that I think that the MOXF - while it has thousands of great arp patterns - is geared towards rock and pop, EDM, jazz, etc - and is missing a lot of the great "latin" arps found in the arrangers. But as I said it was too much work and the results weren't great. If I need a "latin" pattern now I use "One Man Band" which accepts .sty files and then import the whole track into the MOXF, if that makes sense.
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