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  4. Tuesday, 23 January 2018
Is there a way to change the drum links that are assigned to piano keys for (BD - c1, SD - d1, HH Close - F#1, etc., etc.) into another piano key? It seems to be fixed..

I'm asking because certain arpeggios uses keys outside the default range and i won't be able to use to use the volume faders in performance mode.. this is so important for me when performing.. thanks for any help or workaround..
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Bad Mister
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The assignments are fixed. If the Arp phrase you’ve selected uses a different KEY you can EXCHANGE the BD assigned to C1 with the one used in the Arp phrase. Or the SD assigned to D1 with the one used in your Arp phrase, and so on.

The COPY/EXCHANGE function is context sensitive - meaning if you are at PART Edit you can COPY or EXCHANGE entire PARTs, when you are at ELEMENT or OPERATOR Edit you can COPY or EXCHANGE Elements or Operators; and when Editing Drum Kit KEYs you can naturally COPY or EXCHANGE Drum Key assignments.

First, thing is find the BD, SD, etc that is used... you can recall a Key’s assignment using the “KEY SELECT” feature with the Key screen. Once you have identified the actual BD you activate the COPY/EXCHANGE feature by holding [SHIFT] + [EDIT]

Move the cursor to highlight EXCHANGE and fill in the dialog boxes for the exchange.

This feature was added with firmware 1.10 and is detailed in the “Supplementary Manual” that accompanies each firmware update.
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thanks BadMister! you are awesome..
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