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  3. Saturday, 02 January 2021
FM-X Portamento and Vibrato
I'm a newbie to MODX8 and FM-X programming.

Trying to figure out how to add Portamento to an FM-X sound. Then being able to switch it on or off from Assign Switch 1. Control the time using the modulation wheel.
The second puzzle is adding vibrato and then using the modulation wheel to control it.

Thank you for your help if this even possible. :D

Thank you for your response. It helped me find out what I needed to do for Portamento: I found on the MODX the following:

Adding Portamento
Tap the EDIT button
Bottom left: Select COMMON

Top Left: Tap General Tab
Tap Pitch / Filter
Tap Part SW, so it is ON

Tap Display Filter
Select ASGNSW1 This will allow one to use Assign Sw 1 to turn off or on the Portamento.
Tap Destination1
Select Porta Time
Under Polarity
Tap BI
By Ratio, the number will control the original Portamento time.

To Control Portamento Time
Knob Function
Select Tone
Knob 4 will Calibrate portamento time.

Best regards.
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Pess the EDIT button
Bottom left select Common
Top left tap the General tab
Tap the Portamento Master SW ON
Set the desired Time
Bottom left select Part n
Top left select Pitch/Filter > Pitch
Tap the Portamento Part SW ON
Select the desired Mode and Time and Time Mode.

I'm not sure if Porta Time can be assigned to the Mod Wheel ... surely not if the Mod Wheel already is assigned to Vibrato Depth.
EDIT, see Jason's post below: Porta Time can be assigned to the Mod Wheel. I doubt if you'd like to do that combined with Vibrato?

The Portamento Master- and Part Switch can not be assigned to an ASSIGN button. They also are not stored in a SCENE. A workaround is to copy the Part. In one Part switch Portamento Master- or Part ON and in the other OFF. Now enable Kbd Ctrl for the Part without Portamento and disable it for the other Part and store this in SCENE 1. Vice versa is stored in SENE 2. Now you can switch Portamento ON/OFF with the SCENE buttons.

Bottom left select Part n
Tap Mod/Control > 2nd LFO
Set the values you desire next to Pitch Modulation
Tap Mod/Control > Control Assign
Tap Auto Select
Move the Mod Wheel
Tap a '+' and select FM Param > LFO 2 PMD
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Mod wheel can be assigned to multiple destinations. So it doesn't matter if mod wheel is already assigned to some other destination or not.

I'm not sure if Porta Time can be assigned to the Mod Wheel

Part Portamento Time is destination #51.

If you select the Portamento Time value with the touchscreen, you'll notice the [CONTROL ASSIGN] lights up. You can press the [CONTROL ASSIGN] button and move the mod wheel in order to assign Portamento time to the mod wheel.
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Good to know Porta Time is an assignable parameter, I wasn't sure, was not behind my MODX to try.

Yes, multiple destinations are possible, but I doubt one would like to change Porta Time and introduce vibrato at the same time ... I'd rather not assign both to the same control.

It's a pity that several (Or most? Or all?) of the On/Off switches can't be assigned to a button, or be included in a Scene. With the Variation effect one can use an Assign Button to control Var Send, but when you have, say, Phasing as an Insert effect, there's no simple On/Off switch option. The workaround ... well, it works ... but it's not exactly elegant.
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It's only me how I ask the question. My BAD. ;) I found out the KNOB four can calibrate the Portamento Time. One can then can assign vibrato to the Mod Wheel. I modified the steps above. Hopefully, the documentation is correct and anyone can follow. :D
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Note - I looked up the destinations in the Data List.
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