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  4. Wednesday, 21 March 2018
I am learning and exploring all the arps. Wow! Thats a lot and they are great.

When I come to the controller arps i cant get any sound at all... ok... on a PAN i can play and it pans but all the other.
Can someone explain how to use them?
I found some "pumping", expression arp that I thought could work as some kind of "sidechain-compressor-sounding-something"... but theres no sound.
How can I use those arps?

They looks nice but I want some sound.

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Bad Mister
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Those Arps in the "CTRL" category require you set the Arp KEY MODE = "direct"

Here’s what that means... the Controller type Arps consist of just controller data, no Note data like the other Arp types. Just Controller Numbers, like cc10 Pan - imagine an "ARP" that is just rhythmic panning left-right, or an ARP that is just quick darting movements of cc11 Expression. Without applying them to a synth sound, panning cannot be heard, in the absence of a sound you cannot hear volume change.

So in order for these "CTRL" Arps to be heard you must set the KEY MODE = direct.

Many people don't realize that normal Note-on Arpeggio phrases do not always include the notes you press... and certainly if you hit and hold a Cmajor7 chord, the ARP phrase might be some individual picked staccato notes, in another octave..even though you are hold down the keys.... oh, they realize it, but don't realize the full impact of that fact... the "Key Mode" is *preventing* those trigger notes from being heard.

So set the KEY MODE = "direct" for any Part ARP that is using a CTRL type ARP phrase... it literally allows the sound through, the controller movements are then applied to that sound.
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Thank You!

I got it. Its a lot of cool arps in the ctrl section. :-)

Moxf is a beast. Love it!

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