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  4. Monday, 05 March 2018
MX49. I want to edit insertion effects, but I find that if I go from the Performance Select screen > 02 Edit Part > 05 Voice Insert Eff (and selecting the Part number of the voice I want to edit), the edits don't do anything - the sound remains unchanged. What am I doing wrong? The manual is unclear to me.
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Bad Mister
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An MX Performance can contain sixteen Parts. However, only four of them can recall an Insertion Effect at any one time.
You must set the INS SW ON for a Part before you can edit or make any changes to its Insertion Effect.

Press [EDIT]
Select 02: PART > Enter
Select 01: Play Mode > Enter
Cursor Down to “InsSw”

Only four Parts can be On simultaneously, if you cannot turn it On, it means four are already active- find and deactivate a Part’s InsSw, so you can activate it on the Part you wish.

Now when you go to the “Voice Insert Effect” your edits will be heard.

Hope that helps.
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That's it. Thank you. :)
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