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  3. Sunday, 18 February 2018
Hello Music Lovers and Creative People of the Universe!

I'm stumped! I've googled, and googled and googled (for days). But somehow, the solution to what ails my soul is yet to be found. :(

A little bit of a background:
I played, back in the day, using Yamaha PSR730 and the PSR630 as a one-man live band. They served me whether it was only me, or I had backup singers, etc. So, my mind is pretty informed when it comes to accompaniments, the Intro, A, B, C, D, Ending kind of arrangement. I'm also familiar with quantizing individual tracks and modifying their volume, etc.

What I'm looking for:
Currently, after a long time away from the keyboard world (I went to acoustic guitar), I have an MOXF8 that I will be playing solo and I want my "accompaniment" and PSR-like performance back (a bunch of our musicians left the band, so I'm trying to fill in as a one-man band). From playing around a bit on the MOXF8, I have successfully been able to create a Pattern, and the many possibilities are amazing (like how you can have not just A to D for "styles", but up to P?! Correct me if I'm wrong, please). And the fact that you can have a looping pattern that you can record up to 64 bars?! Insane stuff! So, I can see the mouth-watering possibilities here. I have the pattern and it loops okay. But when I exit the "Record" mode and try to play the Pattern, it just plays with that original key I recorded it in, regardless of the keys I press. And that's no fun.

However, the million-dollar question is:

How does one create a "style" (is it called an arpeggiator on the MOXF8?), save it on the keyboard, and have it respond to chord input for live performance? And how can you include the one-bar "drum rolls" to move from A to B, for example?

Preferably, I would like the answer to be concise and to the point (step-by-step).

My dream instruction would go something like this:

Step 1: Record pattern (set number of bars, choose voice, set tempo, etc ... I've got that down, I think ... unless that's where the magic happens)
Step 2: Press the "Magic" button and save your pattern. :-)
Step 3: Go to "Performance" mode, choose your pattern, and start playing! Voila!

I'm an IT guy by day, and I'm pretty okay with finding solutions for issues. But this one seems to be an exception. I'm struggling to accept this bitter defeat. I know it's not the MOXF8's fault. It's waiting to be discovered. I KNOW for a fact it's got so much more to offer. But right now, I need this to work asap so that I can get started on the songs I have lined up. Then I can take my time and discover all the possibilities.

My apologies if this is a question that has been asked before (I did do my own search on the forum to not ask the same question again, but couldn't find one quite like mine). And thank you so much in advance for helping me demystify this enigma of a problem I have. All the YouTube videos seem to be about recording patterns but no one seems to have the one-man band, for live performance in mind when they do these videos. I guess the PSR series is more suited for that, and I understand that I may be asking to do something using an instrument that is not designed for that specific purpose. But the MOXF8 is all I've got now, and I believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

I've included the YouTube video that helped me learn how to record Patterns in the attachment for your reference.

Thanks y'all!
  Do you use MOXF8 for a one-man band live performance with your own recorded patterns?
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  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-t6P9kDvRU
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Bad Mister
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The MOXF has Arpeggios, as you noted, not Styles.
The concise answer is you should have gotten a PSR-S Series Keyboard, it does “Styles”, it does fill-ins that automatically go A to B. The MOXF has a different focus, then the PSR-S Series keyboard’s. And what you describe they do without any long explanation about fitting the round peg (MOXF) into your square hole (Style engine)

And although the MOXF is tantalizingly close in some of what it does, your talking to the company that makes both products. One designed for a Style play (just as you describe) and one optimized for song construction.

That said, if you want to pre-record all your data that is where the MOXF Pattern and Song Mode shine.
Patterns have sixteen Sections, each can be 256 measures in Length (not 64). Because fill-Ins do not automatically do anything like change automatically, so what is done is Record the basic groove for seven measures and trigger the fill for measure 8...that way your eight Measure Section ends with a Fill-in. Trust me you don want to deal with a bunch of Measure Pattern Sections.

Please see the following articles as there is no simple (concise) step by step... I’m afraid your going to have to learn how to use your MOXF.

One Sequencer, Two Modes, Many Related Jobs

What is a Pattern Phrase and What is a Pattern Patch

Recording a Basic Drum Loop
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