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  1. Jon
  3. Friday, 02 August 2019
How can I load my Custom Yamaha Rack XS Performances inside the Montage / MoDX? Is there any information regarding this. I see that the factory performances load fine, but I have created a bunch of Custom Rack XS Performances and can't figure this out.

Thanks in advance.
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Compatibility with the MOTIF XF/MOTIF XS/MOXF

Compatibility with the MOTIF XF/MOTIF XS/MOXF
As same as MONTAGE, MODX is fully compatible with the Yamaha MOTIF XF/MOXF synthesizer.

MOTIF XF/MOXF libraried, third-party patch libraries, user voices, user performances, user arpeggios and user waveforms from MOTIF XF/MOTIF XS/MOXF files can be imported.

Compatibility with the MOTIF XS6/MOTIF XS7/MOTIF XS8 data

The following data can be loaded to MODX6/MODX7/MODX8 among all MOTIF XS6/MOTIF XS7/MOTIF XS8 data. Please note that the data is loaded as “User File” or “Library File.”

Also you can switch the Content Type between User file and Library file.

File Type on MOTIF XS / Extension on MOTIF XS / Contents
All / .X0A / User Voice, User Performance, User Arpeggio, User Waveform
AllVoice (All Voice) / .X0V / User Voice, User Waveform
AllArp (All Arpeggio) / .X0G / User Arpeggio
AllWaveform (All Waveform) / .X0W / User Waveform

... and more "how" detail from BM (was covering Motif XF = X6? files. Replace with X0? for your Motif XS):

Here’s how:
Insert the USB stick containing your MOXF ALL data file (.X6A) in the “To Device” slot
Touch “Contents” > “Load”
Set the “Content Type” = User File or Library File
Along the bottom of the screen find “IMPORT OPTION”
Select to Load either “Voice” or “Perf”

Touch the box with the .X6A File you wish to Load.
If you selected Content Type = User File you will Receive a warning, that loading the file that you have selected will overwrite the current data in the User Bank.

Extra Credit:
“Content Type” can be either ‘User File’ or ‘Library File’.
You would choose one over the other based on what you are attempting to do.

_You can select USER FILE if you want to just load and play them. Loading them to User will overwrite the current User Bank. Not a big deal; It is exactly like the MOXF when you load an ALL data file to User it overwrites all the data previously in the User. No biggie.

_You would select LIBRARY FILE if you are in the process of *assembling* your own Library content. Loading to a Library location leaves the current User Bank in tact. You can use the “Library Import” feature to then move selected data, non-destructively, into available slots in the User Bank (without overwriting anything!) This facilitates *assembling* data from various files to the USER Bank... you can assemble 640 Performances, 2048 Waveforms, etc., etc in the USER Bank and then using a “save as...” type routine, you can create your own custom Library from various files. That’s why I refer to the User Bank as an assembly area.
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Bad Mister
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How can I load my Custom Yamaha Rack XS Performances inside the Montage / MoDX? Is there any information regarding this. I see that the factory performances load fine, but I have created a bunch of Custom Rack XS Performances and can't figure this out.

Thanks in advance.
Sorry, there is no direct (or even indirect) path between the Motif-Rack XS’ “Layer 1-4 Part” Function and any other product that would allow you to then transfer it to the MONTAGE/MODX.

As you know, there is no Performance Mode in the Rack XS. The 384 Motif XS (Keyboard) Performances were made available as the MULTI LIBRARY in the “Yamaha Motif-Rack XS Editor”...you could Bulk the XS Performance Data to the Multi Mode of the Rack XS; the Rack links Parts 1-4 using the “Layer 1-4 Part” parameter. Basically, this links the first four of the sixteen Parts to be under keyboard control simultaneously.

From the Editor you were able to Bulk the specially prepared MULTI LIBRARY data to your Rack XS. But what does not exist is a way to move a MULTI to an XS Performance.

The Rack XS uses the MULTI setup to link the first four Parts. There is no accommodation for exporting the Rack XS MULTIs as a set.

And even if you were to bulk your Rack XS Data to a Keyboard XS, they would arrive in the Song/Pattern MIXING mode of the keyboard (not in the Performance Mode). There is no compatibility between the XS Mixing setups and MONTAGE/MODX (only Motif XS Voices, Performances, Waveforms and Arpeggios)

What you can do — Importing Motif-Rack XS User Voices to MONTAGE/MODX
You can use the Yamaha Motif-Rack XS Editor to capture your User 1, User 2, User 3, and User Drum VOICE Banks... this will create a .X1E File.
The .X1E File (Motif-Rack XS Editor File) can be read by the Motif XS or Motif XF....

You can download and install on your computer either one of these Editors (even though you don’t own the keyboard)
Use the Editor to “IMPORT” the 384 User Voices and/or 32 User Drum Kits... they will show up on the left side of the IMPORT screen

Highlight the items you want to Import on the left side and click “Import” — this will move them to the right side which represents the Internal XS/XF.
SAVE a file to a USB stick. This will create a .X0E or .X3E File.... depending on XS, or XF.

Either of these file types can be loaded to the MONTAGE or MODX as a LIBRARY File.
And since all of the Motif-Rack XS Preset Voices are already available in MONTAGE/MODX, by adding all of your custom User Voices, you will have all the data you need to manually reconstruct your “User Multi” setups from the Rack XS.

But you will have to manually reconstruct your programs.
Hope that helps.
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