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  4. Friday, 24 February 2017

How do you get back to the opening screen that appears when you turn the keyboard on.
I am exploring the screen options and seem to get stuck as the exit and home buttons don't go far enough back and I end up having to switch the keyboard off and on again. I am obviously doing something wrong but don't know what, can anyone offer some advice.
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I'm not at my Montage but it should be the live set option.
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Bad Mister
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Your principle buttons are [LIVE SET] this is what the unit basically defaults to... used to create a set list (for stage) and for display in stores,
The [PERFORMANCE (HOME)] screen is like the local home screen for the current Performance. While Live Set shows you 16 Performances at once... giving you a variety of sounds to access.

Follow along with this article to get your basic feel for navigation:

Montage: Getting Started
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Hello Chris - Montage normally opens with the 'Live Set' screen, and if that's what you want, there is a button at the top row right hand side (second from left) labelled 'Live Set' - just press that. Also to the right of the main bank of buttons to the right of the screen, are 2 sets of 2 buttons - the upper pair is labelled 'Bank' underneath, and the lower pair 'Page' underneath. Active buttons will be dimly lit - press those to scroll through the available Banks/Pages. Personally I prefer the 'Category Search' page as being more useful to me most of the time - right next door to the ':Live Set' button. I regard the 'Exit' button as a safe way to get me out of 'Utility' before I do any damage, while I use the 'Home' button as a safe way to get me into 'Utility'. Just a working practice I got into.
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